4 Unique Tricks That Will Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

4 Unique Tricks That Will Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Beautiful woman sleeping in white bedAre you not sleeping as well as you could be? If you’re not sure, you probably notice the warning signs during the day. Issues like fatigue, irritability, and the inability to concentrate can all rear their ugly heads throughout your daily routine if you’re not getting enough good sleep. That isn’t just bad for you — it also presents clear danger if you’re operating a vehicle or heavy machinery or if you have to interact with coworkers and supervisors, too.

Need some tips on how to get a good night’s sleep? Use these four suggestions to get some quality shut-eye:
Pay attention to diet and exercise.
It may sound pretty common sense, but what you eat and how you burn calories can seriously affect your slumber. If you’re eating junk, especially excessive amounts of sugar, it could make you groggy and impact your sleep. And yes, coffee drinkers, that also includes watching your caffeine intake! As for physical activity, if you’re not getting enough during the day, then you may wind up having energy to burn when you go to bed at night. Eating healthy and getting a little bit of exercise can help you sleep tight at night when you need to.

Reduce your stress.
If you’re feeling on edge lately, it could be impacting the type of sleep you get. Relaxation is key to getting a good night’s sleep. Some solutions you can use include taking a relaxing bath, using aromatherapy scents like lavender, and meditating. If you’ve been feeling anxious or nervous about work or life in general, try taking some deep, relaxing breaths or writing down your thoughts in a general. Some simple stress-relief tips can improve your sleep and your mental health, too.

Get a new pillow.
If it’s been some time since you got a new pillow, then it could be time to get a new one. Flattened pillows don’t support your head and neck, and as a result, they can cause you to awake each morning in pain — or even see a lack of sleep at night. Try a memory foam pillow if you like having support, or experiment with the firmness of your pillows if you need something softer.

Invest in an adjustable bed.
Adjustable beds are designed to raise and lower either your upper or lower body. In other words, if you prefer to sleep in a sitting position, then one of these adjustable mattresses may be right for you. Those who have problems with their legs, like swelling or poor circulation, may benefit from sleeping with their legs elevated. These beds also come in different sizes, so there’s something for everyone. A twin adjustable bed is ideal for a single person, whereas queen beds and king size adjustable beds are designed for couples who need optimal comfort.

Craftmatic® Adjustable Beds equipped with optional heat and massage, for example, may also provide temporary relief from: low back pain; minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or overexertion; poor local blood circulation of the legs, edema or swelling of the legs; symptoms of hiatus hernia; nighttime heartburn; and symptoms of gastric reflux. The optional heating accessory may provide temporary relief from conditions such as mild arthritis and joint pain, as well as muscle pain associated with stress and tension. Additionally, sleeping in an upright position may even reduce or ease light and occasional snoring.

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