Spaceship House From 1960s Can Be Rented but Only for Future-Looking Activities

Spaceship House From 1960s Can Be Rented but Only for Future-Looking Activities

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Though not a traditional city apartment, you can now find an apartment rental in London that’s simultaneously a blast from the past and a look into the future. The University of the Arts London?s Central Saint Martins is now in possession of a restored 1960s spaceship-house, according to the global digital news outlet

The turquoise-color dome-shaped saucer house looks like it could have came right out of the Jetsons cartoon and would be more suitable for flying through the night sky than apartment living and for good reason. The school is planning to use it for special events with the hopes that activities inside will in some way perpetuate forward thinking.

?We propose that every event at the Futuro House, however small, should contribute a view, challenge, or propose alternative interpretations to what the idea of the future might hold,” reads a statement on Central Saint Martins website. “The future need not be the dominant theme of every activity, but it is hoped that you should at least consider your contribution to future-thinking as part of the event, and leave a trace of this futural speculation.?

The “Futuro house” as it’s known was restored by Craig Barnes, a London-based artist. It will also be open to the public for guided tours that will cost less than $5. Ironically, the tour will mostly consist of presentations on the ship’s past restoration process.

While it would certainly be unique to live in a city apartment that looked anything like the “Futuro house,” it wouldn’t be very spacious.

One of the biggest benefits of renting an apartment is the affordable rates you can get on luxury places. Renting an apartment also allows the renter to know what to appreciate cost wise, without any long term commitments. Today, an estimated 35% of American adults in the United States rent their living space.

No matter what era or time period your city apartment or home is from it’s important to have a smoke detector as fires are indiscriminate when it comes to personal property.

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