The Difference Between Linen And Cotton Sheets

The Difference Between Linen And Cotton Sheets

Linen duvet covers

Sometimes it feels like we?ve lost our traditions and have transitioned entirely into the modern world. Like we?ve given up things of high quality in favor of convenience and cheapness, regardless of whether or not it feels good. Of course, the last place that you should give up comfort is in your bed. That?s why, for many, our sheets are still among the few things that we refuse to ?skimp? on. Cheapness isn?t good enough, and the basic won?t do. You want quality; and when you go for quality line sheet sets, you?ll be surprised by how big of a difference you?ll see and feel. There are so many benefits to using a linen fitted sheet over sheets of lower-quality materials.

1. Less Sweat

We all know how disgusting it can be to wake up in the morning and be covered in sweat. Absolutely no one likes that feeling! The issue is often less about the temperature in your home, and more about what you?re wearing and what?s on your bed. Some studies have indicated that people wearing linen clothes perspire 1.5 times less than those who wear cotton to bed, and twice less than those dressed in viscose clothes. At the same time, linen keeps in warmth when you want it to ? that is, during cold weather. Even when you do sweat, a linen fitted sheet can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet, allowing it to retain a crisp feeling longer.

2. Goodbye, Static

One of the great things about a linen fitted sheet is that it lacks the static electricity issue that you?ll find in other sheets. There will be no surprise shocks when you climb into bed when using linen sheets. This is because linen bed sheets do not accumulate static electricity; an addition of flax fibers as low as 10% to a cloth is enough to eliminate the static shock effect. Consider it just another bonus to the comfort level of these sheets.

3. Line Sheet Sets Keep You Cool

Using linen flat sheets automatically gives an effect of coolness during the summer, despite the fact that linen also keeps you warm during the winter. It?s one of the great things about this fabric; it means that you don?t have to sacrifice comfort during any season or climate. These sheets make it seem as if the temperature has dropped by four or five degrees Celsius. In fact, in hot weather linen clothing is shown to lower skin temperature by three to four degrees Celsius, compared to cotton or silk clothes.

When choosing the right sheets for you, it?s clear: real quality and comfort lies in linen sheets. And there?s a reason why ? there?s simply a major difference in fabrics. If you want to feel comfortable all year round, you need to stick to linen sheets. While if you haven?t made the switch already ? you might want to do so.

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