4 Reasons to Go to Church

4 Reasons to Go to Church

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Living in a Christian based nation makes church going quite a common affair for many people. It’s not strange or unheard of for a person to be a member of the local community church. In fact, it is looked on as quite a positive thing. Having an active faith and being involved in a church is beneficial for a number of reasons. Let’s go over a few of those:

Mental Stability
Many people that go to church say that their weekly meetings are what help them throughout the rest of the week. Life can get so busy and so crazy, sitting down for an hour or two each service can help us to see the big picture and not get caught up in the little things that only serve to stress us out. Church can bring a sense of calmness and peace that is hard to understand sometimes.

Volunteer Opportunities
Faith-based volunteering is one of the many advantages to being a member of the church. However, you do not have to be part of the church in order to participate in the volunteer activities, many times. Faith-based volunteering can include anything from helping to take care of the children during the service, to serving food in the church’s soup kitchen or even helping to clean up after events. Whatever it is you are doing, do it with all your heart of the faith-based volunteering part will be lost on you.

Being Apart of Something Bigger Going to church is a constant reminder that we are part of a much bigger idea that just our own little worlds. It broadens our horizons and helps us to think about other people and what they might be going through. This really can help put our own affairs in perspective. For example, you might be upset because you are a month behind on the electricity bill and you go to church and hear a prayer request for a church member who’s mother is battling leukemia. All of a sudden, the electricity bill is hardly important and you are just thinking of ways you can help the church member get through this difficult time.

And by ‘something bigger’ I’m not just talking about the people around you, I’m talking aout the entire world and beyond. Many people who attend church believe in an afterlife and that’s what really makes this life worth living, correctly and virtuously.

Good Influence and Examples Bringing your children to church will show them examples of people living their life with a purpose and meaning, helping those around them and loving everyone. These are great things for children to learn from a very young age. Having people around you and your children that are good influences on your life is very important and there is nowhere better to learn that than at church. While there may be a portion of the people that do not go to church for the right reasons, those will stand out very obviously compared to those you are living right and doing what they should be doing and those are the ones you want to associate with and link you heart with.

This does include relationships. Church is a place where you can build solid friendships with people of like mind, like values and again, good influence.

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