Thinking of Buying New Furniture? Not Before You Read These 3 Tips!

Thinking of Buying New Furniture? Not Before You Read These 3 Tips!

Furnishing a condo

If you’re remodeling your home, moving into a new home, or simply doing some new furniture shopping, there are a couple of important things to consider. You want your furniture to be stylish, yet functional. You want it to last for years to come but still be comfortable and inviting. On top of all of this, you want it to fit within your budget. What’s a homeowner to do? Check out these three tips to keep in mind when furniture shopping.

  1. Go for quality versus quantity.
    When furnishing a home, it?s important to invest in high quality pieces. High quality furniture will always last longer than its cheaper counterparts. Going for the cheaper alternative may send you back to the furniture store to replace the pieces that have broken or worn quickly. High quality wooden furniture will have an even, rich stain or finish free from bubbles or brush strokes. If there are cushions, the upholstery should be well shaped and secured down. Fine-quality furniture often pays extensive attention to detail, and you can tell the quality of the piece in its craftsmanship.
  2. Compare several prices and merchandise.
    Many furniture stores may offer deals that are too good to be true?and they very well might be. Beware of interest-free financing offers. You may have fallen into a deferred interest deal which may have you paying more if you don?t pay off the loan within the free period. Retroactive interest rates may have you paying interest for the entire time you borrowed, which would have rendered the deal utterly useless.
    You?ll want to compare the prices at several different retailers to ensure you?re getting the best price. Some prices might be lower, but the quality might be lower as well. Everyone?s home furnishing budget varies, but by comparing prices and products you?ll know exactly what you?re paying for.
  3. Consider hiring a professional designer.
    If you’re looking for professional tips for furnishing a home, it may be a good idea to hire an interior decorator or designer. They know the best places for furniture shopping and can bring their style and expertise into your home. Sometimes, shopping for cohesive pieces can be overwhelming. An interior decorator will consult with you and turn your dream into a reality by creating a unified look for your home.

What are your tried and true furniture shopping tips? Leave a comment below!

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