Live Up Your Retirement With a Lakeside Home

Live Up Your Retirement With a Lakeside Home

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The graying of America, might not be such a bad thing after all! According to MONEY readers, almost 50% of retirees said they were happier being retired than they had thought. And in just 15 years, all the baby boomers will be 65 or older and make up 20% of the population. This means that an increasing number of our population will hopefully be happier, more relaxed, and engaged in diverse and creative pursuits! If you’ve retired and managed to do well for yourself, you may be thinking about purchasing a new home or a vacation home, such as a lake property or even building a dream house! Many people prefer to move to warmer climates and look at places in the South, such as real estate in Bluffton SC.
What Are the Advantages of Moving Into a New Home?
If you’re looking to move near people your own age, you may be looking into a vibrant community within retirement living. In many cases, resort-style amenities are brought into these communities, so it’s like being on vacation all the time! Many, such as real estate in Bluffton SC, are located on the lake and boast lots of recreational activities, on and off the water. If you love the outdoors or living life on the water, such a property and home could be perfect for you. You can also take the time to downsize and really go through your belongings, getting rid of junk and other detritus built up over the years. You may even save money by moving into a smaller home!
What Are Perks of Retirement Living?
In many of these communities, there exist an abundance of activities, such as a gym, recreational exercise on the water, good food to choose from, and even small shops, depending on the area you live in. It can be a fun place for your family to come and visit and hang out when they visit and a place that many wonderful family memories can be made.
It’s important to stay active and engaged — retirees who are the happiest usually do three to four activities with some regularity and those who are unhappiest only engage in one or two. It can also help keep your mind sharp. To make sure that your retirement is happy, you want to stay active — over 80% of retirees said that good health was the most important aspect of being happy in retirement. Getting sick or breaking a bone can be a real downer, so it’s important to stay strong and fit. If you’ve always been a go-getter, don’t feel guilty for kicking back and relaxing every now and then — you’ve most certainly earned a bit of relaxation and you time! Surrounding yourself with people in similar phases of life is also a great way to socialize, make new friends, and engage in new activities that you might not have tried before!
Consider investing in real estate in Bluffton SC or a similar place where you can really enjoy your retirement and live in the lap of luxury!

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