You Should Be Cleaning These Household Items More

You Should Be Cleaning These Household Items More

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While the average working individual can do enough to maintain an acceptable level of orderliness and cleanliness in their living space, certain household objects, appliances, and whole rooms that need a little extra TLC are often neglected, becoming a hub for disease-causing bacteria, mold, and pests. A good example of notoriously under-cleaned items in the house is carpeting — especially if it’s the wall-to-wall kind.

A survey revealed about 84% of Americans believe a home can never truly be clean without a clean carpet. Despite this, only about 55% of American homeowners comply with the EPA-recommended carpet deep clean every 6 months. In fact, most homeowners and apartment dwellers admit they either have no idea of recommended cleaning frequency, or they do have sufficient knowledge but lack the time or motivation. The only practical way around this is to seek out house cleaning services.

Even though a living space’s cleanliness should be a top priority, many homeowners see hiring maid services as a luxury. A good way to loosen up this outlook is to think of hiring trusted house cleaning services as buying time for yourself. A survey found that if you do a bit of cleaning everyday, you would earn back an average of 30 days every year by hiring a maid service. You would also be minimizing your exposure to harsh chemicals found in cleaning agents, which experts have discovered have about 150 toxins that have been linked to cancer.

When scheduling your house cleaning services, try to discern which chores you can accomplish on your own and on time, and which ones you would rather leave to a professional on a preset day of the week and month.

  • Clean every 2 days to 1 week:
  • – Laundry,
    – Vacuum,
    – Dusting,
    – Sinks,
    – Toilets

  • Clean every 1 week to 1 month:
  • – Windows,
    – Shower/Bathtub

  • Clean every 1 month to 6 months:
  • – Upholstery,
    – Steam clean carpeting,
    – Duvet and blankets

Don’t be intimidated by flat rate options offered up front by most house cleaning services and ask questions. Almost all house cleaning companies offer a custom cleaning service package or schedule, and you can specify how much cleaning you need done, and in which rooms in the house. Ideally, you would have your whole space deep cleaned once a month, and avail of a spring cleaning package at least once a year, to make sure all those hard-to-reach places get overdue attention.

A wide number of health issues can arise from an unclean home. It costs much more to get sick, miss work, and buy medication, than it does to schedule a reliable cleaning service to do the dirty work for you at your convenience.

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