Why Should You Donate Your Clothes?

Why Should You Donate Your Clothes?

Used clothing donations

From time to time we need a good de-cluttering. Our homes and cars can get so full of stuff that we really don’t need. Here in the western world, there’s the temptation to just keep buying more things. We can feel like having stuff gives us a better life or a better reputation, but that’s not true. A good reputation and life comes from how much you give back, not how much you take.

A good rule of thumb is every time you buy something new, get rid of something old; this way you never end up with to much stuff. Even if you haven’t bought anything new, I am willing to bet that if you go through each bedroom you could fill one or two large boxes with things you don’t need or don’t use. As well as the rule of thumb, when you are going through your stuff, think about and ask yourself if you’ve used the item or worn it in the past six months. If you haven’t, put it in the box. Once you’re done you will feel so much lighter and happier with your home, your self and generally your life. You can not fully understand what I am talking about until you have done it. There is such a sense of satisfaction that comes from giving things away.

Now, you have all these boxes full of stuff that is perfectly usable. What to do with it? Donate! Clothes donations, kitchen appliances, basically any kind of household donations can be used to keep helping families in need. Especially clothes; families, children in third world countries, the military and veterans can always use clothes. Just drop them off at a clothing donation center or sometimes they’ll even come and get your things, like the red cross pickup.

Clothes donations are particularly important because there re many disadvantaged people that do not need household appliances but do need food and clothing. Homeless people in particular, benefit greatly from being able to receive free clothing. Clothes donations are probably the most coveted item because they help such an array of people and situation. Organizations such as FEMA that help out as disaster relief usually bring a lot of clothes with them. It’s one of the seemingly small things that can make a disaster victim feel a little sense of stability and normality.

Not only does it help people but clothes donations actually help the environment also. As people recycle clothing and reuse them, less new clothes will need to be made thus lessening the amount of resources that are being used much like bottles, paper and cans.

When you donate clothing, or anything, you really have no idea how much good it is going to do for the person that ends up on the receiving end. Sometimes, it is hard to picture people who are so in need of our old things but that is part of the beauty. The fact that we still donate, without knowing how much good it is doing is so wonderful, even more so than if we could see the grateful looks on people’s faces as they receive the item that they have needed and wanted for so long.

There are benefits for you. Not only with other people and the environment benefit from donated clothing but something about giving the those in need fills a sense of purpose that is inside of all of us. The sacrifice and giving of our worldly items can make us feel apart of something bigger and better than ourselves. Really, how hard is it to give used clothing donations? It opens our eyes to the world around us and we realize that there is so much more going on in the big picture than just our own little lives. Especially this time of year; the holidays are all about giving to other people and remembering our loved ones and even about remembering those we don’t know at all, so why not continue that and in the spirit of the extended holidays, reach out to someone who is not as fortunate and blessed as you may be. You could really change a life, in ways you’ll never fully know.

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