Everyone Is Turning To Amish Furniture Lately Here’s Why

Everyone Is Turning To Amish Furniture Lately Here’s Why

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Are your wooden sheds or garden kits getting a little old and rusty? People often find themselves perusing business after business in pursuit of a deal that’s both easy on the eyes as well as easy on the wallet. When it comes to quality furniture that’s beautiful and long-lasting, look no further than your local Amish craft store. Amish furniture has garnered a lengthy reputation for their lovingly detailed handiwork and quality materials, inviting both classic aesthetic and much-desired longevity. Read below to learn more about Amish buildings and why you should consider calling them for a custom order!

What Is Amish Furniture?

Amish furniture is a hand-crafted tradition dating back many years in the United States. It first gained attention in the 1920’s, when American folk art was hitting its peak, and found its way into many a historian’s library and dealer’s art gallery. The carefully maintained quality and traditionalist beauty of Amish furniture found a space in the hearts of many and to this day are still a go-to option for people looking to get the most bang for their buck. While it can be tempting to get cheaper furniture items at your local retail outlet, Amish furniture offers fine and coveted details that can’t be found in the average warehouse.

Why Are Amish Crafts So Special?

Glad you asked! Amish furniture forgoes quick and easy construction options in favor of hand-crafted beauty, meaning they look beautiful and last a very long time. The majority of Amish furniture, be it custom sheds or a classic farm table, are made out of various types of cherry, oak and maple woods. A survey found over 90% of its respondents saying they prefer to keep wood furniture for 15 years or more, while another survey of over 2,000 people said they desire furniture that deeply reflects their personality. No matter your personal preference, you can’t go wrong with a custom order made from natural materials.

What Should I Keep In Mind?

Keeping these simple tips in mind will go a long way in making sure your purchase is a satisfying and fulfilling one. When buying wooden sheds or shed kits, make sure you figure out beforehand your storage needs throughout the year. Ordering an Amish garden shed that’s 25% bigger than what you need will ensure you have room left over in case of additional items or a change in plans. Other items, such as tarps and air-conditioning, should be factored into the overall price before you order. Thankfully, Amish furniture businesses frequently offer flexible buying options alongside their custom orders.

Where Do I Start Buying?

Buying Amish furniture has the dual benefit of providing you with a handmade craft as well as multiple purchasing options. You can order your wooden sheds or barns online and it can take between 12 to 16 weeks for your furniture to be built and mailed to you. While it’s more expensive than buying from a common hardware store, the longevity and careful detail can’t be replicated by mere machinery. If you’re a little low on cash, there are always monthly payments to help you get the pergola you’ve always dreamed of. Next time you go out to buy furniture, check out your local Amish business instead and see for yourself what the fuss is about!

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