How to be a Cowboy or Cowgirl in Three Steps

How to be a Cowboy or Cowgirl in Three Steps

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The American Midwest has a legacy of its own as the Great Plains have long been fertile grounds for raising cattle and plotting farm property. Many Americans seek to keep the wild west wild by continuing the tradition of cattle ranching as modern cowboys and cowgirls. While there may be many dreamers in the bunch, and there may be a decent number of farms and cattle properties for sale, not everyone has what it takes to don a pair of spurs and lasso some cattle. There is no replacement for the passion needed to become a cowboy or cowgirl, but here are three steps to help dreamers get well on their way.

Dress and Act the Part

Becoming a rancher takes something that comes from within, an almost primal relationship with the environment that relies on reading the land. Today’s cowboys and cowgirls know their land; this means identifying local animals and plants, protecting herds of cattle from predators, and carefully choosing grazing land. There is a social dimension that wannabe cowboys and cowgirls must immerse themselves in; it is not enough to dress like a rancher, but one must speak and think like a rancher. Being a cowboy or a cowgirl is not a job but a lifestyle dedicated to hard work, self-reliance, and reaping the fruits of one’s own labor. There are many people who don’t have what it takes; those that do have what it takes will do everything in their power to make it happen though.

Learning to Ride a Horse

There isn’t a single wild west legend who hasn’t ridden a horse before. A mastery of horsemanship in the modern world would seem to be reduced to an antiquated skill; for cowboys and cowgirls, it is essential. The roar of a vehicle engine can scare cattle and make traversing on the uneven terrain where cattle graze difficult if not dangerous. Cattle ranches rely on well trained horses to help keep the herd together and serve their masters. Even a well-trained horse may not respond to a novice rider; it is a must that a cowboy or a cowgirl prove their ability to ride and care for horses if they have any hope of embodying the traditions of the wild west.

Finding Cattle Properties for Sale

It takes a well-trained and devoted eye to determining the potential of cattle properties for sale. The structures on the property are possibly the least important elements of the ranch property itself; real ranchers ought to turn to the land to get an idea of what kind of profits and what size herd to expect. In order to encourage grass and forb production that benefits the local wildlife and helps to encourage conservation, ranchers ought to moderate their cattle grazing from 35% to 45%, being sure to leave a healthy amount of greenery. There are an increasing number of ranches being built in Montana, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Nebraska to accommodate an increasing population; the population of Montana is projected to grow by 14.1 percent from 2013 to 2043. As long as the United States population continues to grow, so too with the demand for dedicated and professional ranchers keeping the traditions established by the cowboys and cowgirls of the wild west alive and well in the increasingly technical age we live in.

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