Why Your Home Desperately Needs a Water Filtration System

Why Your Home Desperately Needs a Water Filtration System

Whole house filtration chandler

If you are consider whole house filtration then this is a very good idea. There are many benefits to filtering the water than comes through your taps. Our purification system here in the United States is very good but there’s no way as of right now that even the best technology can make it perfect. If we want perfect water, we need another layer of purification while a whole house filtration system would provide. A water softener is also recommended as this will provide the best kind of drinking water due to chlorine removal and getting rid of the hardness of the water. Soft water is also better for our skin, hair and appliances as it cleans better and doesn’t leave hard water deposits on everything. Here are some benefits of installing a whole house filtration system.

  1. Of course, the first benefit of a whole house filtration system is that clean and filtered will be available from every water source that is in the house. There will be no need to buy bottled water or any other kind of water because you can get it from your taps.

  2. Chlorine and other types of chemicals are removed by the filtration system the minute that they enter the plumbing and not only are they blocked from coming through the taps, they are also no longer released into the atmosphere. These chemicals will also no long cling to clothing during the washing process either.

  3. Soap scum and deposits won’t stick to dishes and shower tiles anymore either, leaving everything looking and feeling much cleaner and needed scrubbing and heavy duty washes less often.

  4. It will make the drinking water much healthier overall.

  5. This will eliminate any risks of introducing contaminated water into your home from drinking water and showers.

  6. The only way to have a real shower filter is to install a whole house filtration system. The way that it works is by filtering water at the lowest temperatures in order to remove chlorine and all other chemicals.

  7. It will still protect you and your family from any breakdowns in the main water treatment systems.

While the main municipal water treatment and sanitation systems do their best to try and get rid of unwanted substances, it’s important to note that something the water that goes through your taps without a filtration system could contain a number of different things. Here is a list of a few things that could be contaminated your water supply.

  • Chlorine
  • Disease filled pathogens
  • Leachate that comes from landfills
  • Chemicals from household cleaners
  • Runoff from pesticides and agricultural chemicals
  • Gasoline
  • Acid rain
  • Industrial waste
  • Radioactive elements from uranium in soil
  • Toxic metals like arsenic, lead, mercury and more.

Unfortunately, we are exposed to immense amount of water pollutants every day. Think about how much water you use from drinking to bathing to brushing teeth and washing hands, doing dishes, cooking or even in swimming pools. We absorb water through out skin as well as through ingestion. Not only that, but the chemicals that it brings a lot with it are released and breathed in through the steam form of water as well. It’s not enough just to have a filter for your shower head. You need an entire house filtration system in order to stay completely safe.

Our bodies are anywhere from 50 to 70 percent water and it’s impossible to leave more than five days to one week without replenishing the water that our bodies give out and use up. Urination and sweating are not the only ways that our bodies use water. It’s also used to lubricate our joints and even increase brain cells.

Having healthy water is very important to our general health and well being and shouldn’t be ignored. You may not notice anything right not if you don’t have a filtration system but you will surely see the difference immediately after you install the system. It will make a world of difference you skin, hair, dishes and entire house. Everyone will begin to feel better than they knew they could. That’s the problem with contamination, you don’t notice the effects until it’s too late. It may seem expensive initially but you really can’t put a price on your health.

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