Clean WaterAs Important as the Air We Breathe

Clean WaterAs Important as the Air We Breathe

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Because two thirds of the physical body is made up of water, it is right at the top of the list of the most important elements of life. In fact, 75% of people in the North American region suffer from what is referred to as the hidden epidemic. This is chronic dehydration. The affects of dehydration in its mildest form can cause energy loss and a lessening of mental capacities.

Water is one of the most necessary components that leads to a quality life. For this reason it is so important to be sure that the water that is daily used by families is clean and pure. Many families choose to install a whole home water filtration system that connects to the main water line flowing into the house. In this way the water that comes through every faucet is treated and clean. This includes sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, kitchens, laundry, and possibly more. The whole house water filter usually connects to the water line before it splits into the hot water heater.

There are several types of whole home water filtration systems to choose from. Which one a homeowner decides upon will depend upon the contaminants that are present in the home’s water supply. When considering having one of these systems installed, the first decision that needs to be made will be what needs to be removed from the water. Typically a home connected to municipal city water will have water containing certain chemicals, such as chlorine, and hardness and sediment minerals. Customers whose homes have private wells could have water containing iron, hardness materials, and sediment. Some of these components are only a nuisance; however, they could also be at harmful, toxic levels. Hard water is actually a part of the water in 85% of homes in the United States.

The most common contaminants that are found in household water supplies are iron, sediment, and different chemicals. If iron is found in water, it will be either clear water iron or red water iron. Red water iron comes from rust particles and can be removed with a sediment filter, whereas clear water iron must be removed with ion exchange or oxidation.

Sediment in the water needs to be strained out mechanically, as sediment is made up of the visible particles of rust, dust, sand, and dirt. High amounts of sediment in a water system sometimes require several stages of straining, the particles becoming finer with each stage.

Carbon filtration is what is used to remove chemicals from water supplies. The reason for this is that the most common chemical found in a municipal water supply is chlorine, which is removable in this way. Chlorine removal is not a difficult job to do.

There are certain elements recommended that customers look for when choosing the right whole home water filtration system. The first is the home’s flow rate. This measures the available amount of water to run the systems within the home, such as toilets, faucets for drinking water, showers, dishwasher, washing machines, etc. Flow rate is measured as gallons per minute. Depending upon the size of the family living in the home as well as the size of the house, the flow rate could vary. It is important to install a whole home water filtration system that will accommodate every bit of projected water usage in order to keep the flow comfortable and uninterrupted for everyone in the family.

Filter size is another important consideration. A filter that is large will keep service running longer, and will allow greater water flow, as well as greater pressure. Additionally, filter life must be measured, and this will depend upon the sediment within the water supply, how much is there and exactly what type of particles it contains.

Whole house filtration can be installed easily by local professionals. When considering this type of decision, a simple call will provide customers with information, estimates, and pricing. Trained and experienced technicians provide not only the information to help customers understand the process, but are happy to answer any and all questions as well. By the time their new whole home water filtration system is up and running, homeowners are happy to have made the right decision!

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