How Often Do You Apply Lawn Fertilizer?

How Often Do You Apply Lawn Fertilizer?

If you are looking for organic weed control options and want to use only organic fertilizer for flower beds and garden areas, you have more choices now than ever before! As the drive for sustainable and eco-friendly products continues to grow, many lawn and garden companies are also branching into safer options as well. Looking for an organic fertilizer manufacturer can help you pinpoint the right products for your fertilizing and lawn and garden care needs. You are no longer relegated to one or two options.

So when you are out shopping for lawn supplies and garden materials, be sure to keep your eyes open for organic fertilizer products and other natural products that you can safely use to keep everything in your yard looking its best without negatively impacting the environment in the process!

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The yard is in recovery mode. After a great start this spring, the yard and landscaping suffered a set back when the construction crew came in to work. During the process of tearing down the old siding and putting up the new siding, ladders and scaffolding were everywhere. The constant foot traffic did not help either. And as soon as the siding was completed the painting process began. The end result is a yard that needs some extra care and attention. The landscaping and lawn fertilizer company is scheduled to come out the first of next week to see if they can help the yard make a faster recovery.
A Lawn Fertilizer Company Can Help Improve the Health of Grass, Landscaping and Trees
Many home owners invest in the services of a lawn fertilizer company to keep their grass looking healthy. without the help of professionals, it is difficult to maintain a yard that is lush and free from weeds. In addition to looking great, a well kept yard that is dense and healthy prevents run-off. In fact, a well maintained yard has the capacity to absorb rainfall six times more effectively than a wheat field and four times better than a hay field.
Lawn fertilization services understand the proper timing of the proper applications. Initially, a lawn fertilizer company will apply something to green the grass up faster. Some people simply call this process the golf course starter. This is applied so early in the spring that the ground is too cold for any other treatments.
The second step is applied once the ground gets a little bit warmer. This second step is a crap grass preventer. The next step depends upon the status of the yard. If it is a yard full of weeds, most lawn fertilizer companies will apply a weed and feed. If there are no weeds, straight fertilizer can be applied. The most diligent home owners actually fertilize their lawns about once every six to eight weeks during the active-growth period. This frequency crates the best, thickest looking yards.
Once fall arrives another fertilizer treatment is applied. A final winterizer treatment that is applied as cold weather approaches helps a lawn green up again in the spring when the entire process begins again.
Other Lawn Services Help Create the Best Lawns
In addition to applying the correct fertilizers at the correct times, other services are also needed. For example, many home owners aerate in both the spring and the fall. The plugs that are punched into the sod allow oxygen to penetrate into the grass. In the fall. power raking can be used to dethatch the yard, though this process is not as common.
Obviously, appropriate watering is also important. Different parts of the country receive differing amounts of rain so home owners in many places install automatic sprinkler systems. In many parts of the country, lawn experts recommend early morning watering at least every other day. Too much water can cause a short root system that will not work to produce a healthy lawn. A lawn care service or an extension office can best advise home owners in locations around the country how often and how much they should water.
Additionally, lawn mowing helps create a healthy lawn. For the most part, lawn experts recommend that home owners should never cut off more than one-third of the grass at a time. During the fastest growing months of the summer this can mean that the lawn may actually need to be mowed every three to four days. Cutting off more than a third of the height of the grass can send it into shock. And while it is tempting to bag a lawn and collect the yard clippings, the experts recommend not bagging.
The grass cuttings work their way back to the soil, often releasing the fertilizer from the blades. Lawns that are mowed every three to four days do not need to be bagged because the clippings are small and manageable. If, however, a home owner has to wait too long between cuttings it may occasionally be necessary to bag.
Home owners who take pride in their lawns contribute to the estimated $40 billion spent annually on lawn care services and supplies.

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