Do You Have a Loved One Who Is Struggling from Addiction?

Do You Have a Loved One Who Is Struggling from Addiction?

Ibogaine therapy

Fast lifestyles often require fast interventions. The old saying the bigger they are, the harder they fall especially applies to the children of wealthy families who find themselves in the big, fast life of alcohol, meth, or heroin addiction.
While it is true that money cannot buy you everything, it is also true that money can sometimes buy you too much of a good thing. This difficult lesson is an especially hard one for families who have loved ones addicted to prescription pain killers or illegal drugs. Unfortunately for some, alcohol and drug addiction can happen quickly, especially if you have the money and the means to get quick access to what you crave.
Although many place in many locations around the world offer services to treat people with chemical dependencies, for families who can afford it ibogaine detox centers may provide the results these families need. Ibogaine detox, though expensive can produce rapid results for individuals who need to kick their habits and get on with life. According to recent research, Ibogaine clinics are remarkably effective for obviating as many as 98% of the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with opioid withdrawal. In fact, some studies show that ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction reduces cravings for stimulants and alcohol, as well as helping with the withdrawal symptoms.
Ibogaine Detox May Help Patients Trying to Conquer Their Addiction to Opioids and Meth
Drug rehabilitation centers are known for being painful, slow, and expensive. It turns out, however, that if you are able to shoulder even more expense, the pain and speed of the rehab does not have to be quite so bad. In fact, some Ibogaine detox centers are actually quite luxurious and opulent. Nestled in Central and South American locations with nice surroundings, families who want to offer their loved ones the best of rehab options can pay to get the level of comfort that they want.
Complete with massage centers, spiritual leaders, holistic foods and drinks, the patients who deserve the very best because they are especially loved by their family members can find great success at a detox center that looks as much like a vacation spa as it does regular rehab location.
Statistics About Drug and Alcohol Abuse Indicate a Continuing Problem in America

  • By 2014 there were more than 130 million Americans who consume alcohol on a regular basis.
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 11 million people Americans have consumed at least one dose of Oxycontin in a non-medical way.
  • 47,055 individuals died int he year 2014 due to fatal drug overdoses.
  • 5 million of the 2011 emergency room visits were drug related.
  • The 100 people who die every day from drug overdoses is a statistic that has tripled in the past 20 years.
  • 2.6 million people with addictions indicate that they have a dependence on both alcohol and illicit drugs.
  • In the year 2011 9.4 million people indicated that they had at some time driven under the influence of illicit drugs.
  • 6.8 million people with an addiction also have a mental illness.

Everyone Reading This Article Has Likely Abused a Prescribed Medication
Admit it. You have probably taken a prescribed pain pill, not because of pain, but just because you liked the way it made you feel or that it helped you to fall asleep. And, that pain pill that you took may not have even been prescribed for you, it may have been prescribed for another family member. For many, this one time abuse went no further. For others, that simple lapse in judgement may have progressed to addictions that have taken over their lives.
Addiction can take over lives, not only the life of the addicted victim, but also the lives of other family members and loved ones. In some situations, those families with the most money and the most resources are the families who are dealing with the care of a loved one with an alcohol or drug abuse problem. For many of these families no further amount of money or resources is too much to solve the problems that are endangering the lives of their loved one. A fast, effective, but comfortable, rehab center may be the program of choice for these families.

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