Three Items That Every New Parent Can’t Live Without

Three Items That Every New Parent Can’t Live Without

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When you are preparing for a new baby, it is easy to get carried away with things you don’t need. The baby product market caters to excited new parents who want to give their unborn baby every modern convenience. You don’t need a baby wipe warmer, yet it is going to be pushed on you by the salesperson when you create your wedding registry. You don’t need laundry detergent specifically for babies — you have a hundred more important things to do while taking care of a human, within weeks you’ll be throwing your baby’s clothes in with your own. You don’t need a diaper disposal system; you aren’t going to want those stinkers sitting around your house for days on end anyways, and taking the trash out daily keeps your house from smelling as it is.

On the other hand, there are several products that really do make your life easier a new mom or dad. Because we love you and because we love helping people save their money on baby products they don’t need, we’ve put together a list of baby products that are worth the money:

  1. A Booger Sucker
    There is nothing more heart wrenching than having a sick baby. When your newborn baby has a cold, he or she does not have the ability to clear mucus out of their passages themselves. This prolongs the illness and adds to your sweet baby’s discomfort. While in the hospital, you might have gotten that classic red booger sucker bulb, which feels like the only way to get the gunk out of your baby’s nose for them. Do yourself (and your baby) a favor: throw that thing in the trash! There is no way to completely disinfect that nasal aspirator, so it quickly becomes a cesspool of germs, mold, and bacteria. Not to mention, it doesn’t work that well.

    Instead, get yourself a NoseFrida (or similar product). These products allow you to suction the gunk from your baby’s nasal passages through the power of your own suction. The components come apart so you can give them a deep cleaning, and they are clear colored so you can ensure it is clean before putting it in your baby’s air passages.

  2. Waterproof Fitted Bed Sheets for the Crib
    When setting up your registry, you might think to add a few baby crib sheets that go along with your nursery theme. We’re willing to bet dollars that you don’t even consider waterproof fitted bed sheets. There are about a hundred reasons that you want waterproof fitted bed sheets on your baby’s crib. Your baby is going to spill all of their bodily fluid on their crib. The mattress is going to get icky fast if you don’t have a crib sheet protector over it.

    Using waterproof fitted bed sheets also protects the baby from allergens
    , and reduces the likelihood of bed bugs. In fact, according to a 20 year long study in New Zealand that involved 200,000 infants, there were no instances of SIDS among babies whose cribs were fitted with waterproof mattress protectors. The theory is that using waterproof sheets for baby cribs protects the baby from toxic gases that naturally result in the chemicals used to make the mattress.

  3. A Good Baby Carrier

    Extensive studies have shown the benefits of wearing your baby. It strengthens their neck muscles, simulates the womb and comforts them, and promotes the bond between mother (or father) and child. Not to mention, when baby just wants to be held, it keeps your arms free to accomplish stuff. You absolutely must have a baby carrier.

    Baby carriers come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the one that is best for you depends on your needs and lifestyle. Some carriers are wraps that swaddle the baby to your chest and some are the equivalent of backpacks that hold the baby to your chest or back. Try out a few and read reviews before selecting the baby carrier that suite your needs the best.

What do you consider the most must-have baby item is for a new parent? Please share your input in the comment section below.

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