You Can Throw an Amazing Baby Shower Without Breaking the Bank with These 7 Tips

You Can Throw an Amazing Baby Shower Without Breaking the Bank with These 7 Tips

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There are not many events that are as much fun and full of joy than the baby shower. Celebrating the arrival of a child is a really joyous occasion. You can throw a great baby shower without spending an arm and a leg. There are ways to throw all sorts of events for less. From finding cheap baby shower locations to saving money on the food you serve, here are some great tips to throwing a fabulous baby shower without spending much money.

Start with the location.

You can rent a space or have your event at restaurants, banquet halls or local country clubs. These options can be very expensive. Banquet hall rentals, for instance, are rarely cheap. Luckily, you do not have to plan your event at one of these places. Finding cheap baby shower locations can be as simple as hosting it yourself of having it at the home of a friend or family member. This may mean you do a little more work but the baby shower itself will be just as much fun and a little more personal an intimate.

When looking at cheap baby shower locations, you may want to consider a local park. If you go this route, you should look into the permit requirements for the parks in your area. Make sure you clean up after yourself when you are done. Outdoor baby showers can be fun but, unless the park gas a covered area or indoor option on site, you will need a back up plan if the weather does not cooperate with you baby shower plans

1.Pick a good theme.

You may have items around your home that can be reused for a baby shower. For example, do you celebrate Easter? If you do and if you have decorations with bunnies that you used for that holiday, a Peter Rabbit themed baby shower will be a great way to save money on decorations and make use of your Easter decorations. Look around your home for inspiration for this kind of thing. You have to take into consideration the taste of the mom to be, of course, but there are ways to create a theme that incorporates items you already own.

2. Pick simple colors for your decorations.

A simple color palette that uses one or two colors that work together will create a more cohesive look that can be classy and fun at the same time. You can get balloons, tissue paper and ribbons from the local craft store or even dollar stores in your area. It is easier than you might think to find matching plates, plastic forks and spoons and cups from these stores. You do not have to feel that you have to use pastel pinks and blues for your colors. If you keep it simple, it will look classy.

3. Skip the caterers.

Catering for events can be expensive. Catered events are great and all but you can get really good food for the baby shower at bulk grocery stores like Costco. They have appetizer and dessert platters that rival many caterers. Consider a pot luck baby shower. This will just make the baby shower you are throwing more personal and intimate.

4. Make your own guest book.

Instead of buying an expensive guest book for people to sign, leave out some heavy card stock. Have your guests write messages to the baby. You can take those and create a scrap book with photos from the baby shower and other fun decorations. This will be a more personalized and customized book and is a nicer way to remember the event. You can also be a lot more creative with this kind of book than a standard guest book.

5. The entertainment does not have to be expensive.

There are a lot of baby shower games that need only paper and pens. You can look online for games and activities to keep your baby shower guests entertained.

As you can see, from finding cheap baby shower locations to do it yourself catering, you can throw a baby shower that everyone enjoys and will not cost your life’s savings.

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