Creative Uses for Golf Carts at Resorts and Residential Communities

Creative Uses for Golf Carts at Resorts and Residential Communities

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Did you know that gold carts aren’t just for golf any more? Not only golf resorts, but also many residential and business property owners, who need a handy way to get around a large area, use them. For neighborhoods, housing developments, retirement homes, and beaches, there are a variety of golf carts and ATV’s. Golf cart dealers offer gas and electric carts, and leading makes like Club Carts, Bad Boy Buggies, and EZ Go golf carts. They also have pre-owned golf carts and utility vehicles, so you can be sure to find one, whatever your purposes.

Golf carts are accessible and affordable
Golf carts are a great way to get around large properties and even inside buildings like airports and manufacturing plants. With top speeds of 15 to 25 miles per hour, and prices from from $3,000 to $30,000 for luxury models, they’re also accessible. Add to that the fact that they are easier to drive than regular cars, and the minimum age to drive one is 13 years in many states, and you have an affordable, accessible and safe way of getting around large properties and resorts.
Giving the kids their own wheels is much less anxiety-inducing when the vehicle in question is a golf cart. Major golf carts have 4-stroke engines and weigh around 1,000 pounds. Their size too makes them easy to handle- typical golf carts are 4′ by 8′ in size. They are easier to drive than regular cars and also easier to park.

Gold carts are practical
Golf and utility carts are also practical, and can carry both cargo and passengers. They have cargo boxes with a capacity of 370 pounds on average. Golf carts can carry anywhere from 2 to 10 passengers. Golf cart dealerships can also customize features, adding on upholstery, radio, horns etc.
Golf carts need regular maintenance, just like real cars. Golf cart dealers typically provide servicing options as well. Batteries need to be changed regularly and your golf cart dealer can do this for you. Golf cart batteries normally last for two or three days, less than a full tank of gasoline.

Creative uses for golf carts
As discussed above, golf carts are moving off the fairways and into the streets. On large estates, campuses, campgrounds and retirement facilities, residents and staff use them for easy access to small spaces. No parking problems, either! Their low-exhaust and low-noise engines are another reason for their popularity in these facilities.
If you have your golf car modified to run at speeds higher than 20 miles per hour, it’s best to have that done by a verified golf cart dealer. You should also be aware that while many jurisdictions permit the use of golf carts as personal vehicles, they are treated as motor vehicles and all relevant laws will apply.

Golf carts and utility vehicles are finding many new uses off the golf course. As personal mobility vehicles, they offer multiple advantages. Whether new or used, golf carts give people the benefits of mobility and convenience.

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