Golf Carts, Utility Carts Can Be a Good Transportation Solution

Golf Carts, Utility Carts Can Be a Good Transportation Solution

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When you are driving on a street or highway, you typically need a car. However, there are many other driving situations in which other methods, including golf carts or utility carts, not only suffice but are in fact a better mode of transportation.

Top speeds for golf carts and utility carts are about 15-25 miles per hour, which means they typically aren’t safe to drive on a public street. However, there are private developments, such as retirement communities, that allow golf carts to be driven around on private streets within the community. For example, The Villages, a retirement community in Florida, allows golf carts on most of its 100 miles of trails and streets. This can be a good mode of transportation for short jaunts to visit a neighbor or to head to the clubhouse. It’s also better for the environment, because most golf carts are electric, which means fewer emissions.

Another situation in which a utility car or new or used golf carts can be a good mode of transportation is on a large private property, such as a farm. It’s not necessarily practical to drive a car or truck on a large private property. But a cart can be a very practical solution, and it’s a lot safer than a all-terrain vehicle.

Large industrial plants can be another area where it makes sense to use utility carts to get around. Such plants can cover several acres, and getting from one place to the next can often take too long if people walk. Because utility and golf carts don’t go very fast, they can be a safe way to get between buildings or even to travel within a large building.

Another reason to consider golf and utility carts for your local transportation needs are that they are relatively inexpensive. You usually can find a golf cart for as little as $3,000, and there always are refurbished golf carts or pre-owned golf carts that may be even cheaper. Using them in lieu or cars or trucks for traveling around your large property can be an economical solution.

Whatever you need them for, utility and golf carts can be a good transportation solution.

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