Planning a Party Checklist

Planning a Party Checklist

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Whether you’re hosting an informal backyard party or a more formal affair complete with an event tent, there will be lots of planning involved. With a planning a party checklist, you can keep everything organized and in one place. Furthermore, when you plan ahead–and down to the detail–you’ll be able to relax and just enjoy yourself.

Party Rental Needs

If you’re planning a baby shower, birthday party, family or school reunion, or another type of event, you’ll want to have seating and tables for your guests. Depending on the weather and how many guests you’ll have, you may want to consider having the party outside. If you have a large home, however, you may just need a few more chairs and tables.

When the planning is underway, it makes sense to rent, rather than purchase, some of the items you need. It also makes sense to rent them from the same company, as this will save you time and effort. Here are a few items to consider renting for your party:

    Table and chair rentals
    Party tent rentals
    Table linen rentals
    Outdoor dance floor rentals

Choosing a Theme

It’s always fun to choose a theme for your party. You can choose so many fun or elegant decorations that will definitely add to the ambiance. Consider color-coordinating or mixing-and-matching some of these items for your party:

    Place cards

The Menu

Planning a party checklist can be fun, especially when you’re deciding on the menu. Will you have the party catered? Will everyone be bringing their favorite dish? Or are you planning to make everything yourself, from the appetizers to the dessert? Be sure you have enough napkins, too. Just to give you an idea, for every 15 guests, you should probably have 200 napkins on hand.

Once you’ve decided on the food being served, the next item on your party checklist is beverages. Are you planning to serve cocktails? Wine and beer? Punch? In general, you’ll want to have two-to-three glasses for every guest–especially if you’re hosting a cocktail party. And of course you’ll also want to have bottled water available.

Whether your party is during the day or evening, many of your guests may enjoy a cup or two of tea or coffee. Most guests will accept a cup when you offer it to them; however, you could also have a multi-serve dispenser available so they are able to serve themselves.

Yes, there are quite a few details to take care of before the day of your party arrives. When planning a party checklist, these will include the invitation list, complete event rentals, and whether there will be music and dancing or other forms of entertainment. Once these things are all planned out and checked off your list, remember to acknowledge your accomplishments and enjoy the party!

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