Giving the Gift of Flowers

Giving the Gift of Flowers

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Flowers are a timeless and beautiful gift. They are involved in many holidays and traditions and are always a great way to tell someone you are thinking of them. They are used for weddings, showers, the holidays, graduations, sympathy and get well gifts. Most people have received flowers at one point in their lives and most have given flowers at some point, as well. Flowers come in all different colors, sizes and shapes, making them perfect for creating different floral arrangements for multiple occasions.

When looking for the perfect floral arrangement, it is best to work with an experienced florist. A florist is around flowers all day and they are aware of which flowers and which colors go together well. They are also familiar with which flowers are in season and which flowers are most affordable. The florist can also assist with pairing the appropriate flower selection with the specific occasion.

One of the most common and expensive flower purchases is for a wedding. Couples like to decorate their ceremony and reception sites with flowers in their wedding theme or color. They have their bridesmaids carry flowers in their colors, as well. The bride may also carry a bouquet that is made up of all of her favorite flowers. A flower girl may throw flower petals on the aisle way before the couple walks in, for good luck. Couples may send hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the flowers for their wedding. In fact, flowers make up 7 to 8% of a typical wedding budget.

Valentine?s Day is another common flower holiday. Most women enjoy receiving a flower delivery from their significant other on this holiday. It expresses that they are thinking about them and that they care for them. They enjoy getting the deliveries during work or school. Valentine?s Day is one of the busiest days for most local florists. In fact, according to the American Society of Florists, Valentine?s Day is the number one holiday for florists, representing a third of the fresh flower purchases and 40% of the dollar.

Do not overlook men and their enjoyment of flowers. Many men also enjoy receiving flowers as a gift. Men like to receive Valentine?s flowers too. The American Society of Florists reveals that 36% of women surveyed purchased Valentine?s flowers for their spouse. Many men enjoy receiving flowers for the same reason that women do, it shows them that their spouse is thinking about and care of them. Flowers are also a sign of love, expressing love for the receiver.

Most people have a preferred florist. Once they find a florist that they enjoy, they tend to use that same florist for all of their floral needs. Flower shops that offer deliveries or the ability to order floral arrangements online will see an increase in customers. A florist in Charlotte, for example can offer floral services to customers who are not local. Additionally, local customers who have the convenience of ordering flowers without actually visiting the florist tend to order more often. Convenient flower giving is an important aspect of the floral business.

Flowers are a timeless and welcomed gift. They express many feelings for the receiver, depending on the occasion and the type of flower. A florist can help a person to express their feelings through a floral arrangement. Floral arrangements are used for a variety of occasions, but weddings and Valentine?s Day are two of the most common. Both weddings and Valentine?s Day are some of the biggest income producing events for florists. Florists who offer an online ordering service tend to be more successful and to receive more customer orders on a regular basis.

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