Three Things to Keep in Mind When Moving During the Summer Months

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Moving During the Summer Months

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Summer is the most popular time for individuals to pick up and move to a new location. The weather is warm, school is out, and many individuals find this the best time to pick up and start anew in a different city. This is especially common among those who rent. Over 30% of people who rent rather than own choose to move each year. No matter why someone is moving, there are a variety of concerns to keep in mind when seeking moving and storage services. Read on to discover what to be aware of.

Depending on the Type of Move, Downsizing May be in Order

Each move is as different as the individual who is moving house. If the person in question is downsizing, perhaps due to a divorce, or trying to move into a dorm or other school area, it might behoove the individual to limit the amount of items they are moving, or find a storage rental company that can hold their items for the time being. People often move, either in order to go back to school, or once they complete school, and want to find employment in a new or more lucrative location. Those who graduate college are more likely (over 70%) to have lived in many different states, as opposed to less than 60% who tend to stay put once graduating high school. Moving and storage services can help individuals move their precious cargo, while offering the option to store items that may not be able to make it into the new home. And of course, downsizing one?s home should not be thought of in a negative light-it usually presents the opportunity to get rid of unneeded items, and makes it easy when moving in the summer heat.

It is Important to Change Mail to Ensure That No One Else Is Privy to Sensitive Information

Anyone who moves should remember to change their mailing address. Sometimes with the busy nature of a summer move, people can forget, since they may not be expecting important mail during this time. However, an individual should submit an address change at least two weeks before they move. Doing this can keep the new renter or occupant from getting sensitive information that they otherwise do not need to know. This could include anything, from tax information to a magazine subscription. Although the packing and delivery of furniture can be outsourced to residential movers, the individual can easily swap out their addresses by going to the post office, and filling out a change of address card. Sometimes it is also suggested that if people want to change their magazine subscriptions, they should contact the company directly. This goes for services they are currently getting, such as trash and electric services. Individuals should arrange to have those services end the day after they leave, to ensure they are no longer paying for them after they are already gone.

Furniture Delivery Services Can Focus on Safely Moving Delicate Furniture Even in High Temps

When moving day arrives, most people just want to get everything moved as quickly as possible, with little fanfare. However, it pays to use moving and storage services to move furniture in a safe manner. Professional movers will ensure that the furniture is not nicked or scrapped, and can safely cover and protect it, so that it can withstand the longest of journeys, even in high heat. This is one of the most important factors, since furniture can react when it is moved from a primarily air-conditioned area, and has to be in a hot truck traveling many miles in extreme weather. Furniture delivery companies can ensure an issue like this never happens.

Using moving and storage services is helpful to ensure that precious items, such as furniture, are moved in a safe and careful manner. Having commercial moving services is helpful, since many offer storage opens, which is useful for those who are trying to downsize their living quarters, and cannot take all the furniture they have, but don?t necessarily want to get rid of it. Finally, in the midst of summer moving, individuals should remember to change their address, to avoid mail fraud.

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