5 Times You Should Totally Get A Limo

5 Times You Should Totally Get A Limo

limo serviceGetting from point A to point B in the most luxurious way possible has been man’s goal since forever and the pinnacle of luxurious transit is the limo service. Think about it: not only are you avoiding the headache of driving but you don’t even see the road. Instead, you get to sit back, drinking, judging other people while a professional navigates the road for you. Traveling is more convenient when your only worry is the amenities offered. However, there are limited opportunities that warrant the use of a limo service, which only adds to the exclusivity of them. Whether in a fun party bus with your friends or a limo for you, here are 5 examples of when to hit the town in style.

1. Your Wedding Day
The two times in life you traditionally do get a limo for are on prom and your wedding day and unlike your prom when there was just too much going on, in your wedding limo, you are going to want to sit back and enjoy the ride. And just like anything at your wedding, your limo service can offer you choices: like stretch sedans or vintage cars for example; so that your wedding day travel can be as distinguished as the event itself. There are currently more than 130,000 limousines in service across the country so finding options and what’s right for you and your budget should be fairly accessible.

2. Party Bus
Have you ever turned 30? Me neither, but one day you will and you’ll want to celebrate the milestone in style, and what better way than a 50 passenger party bus with 25 of your closest friends? Party buses are an affordable and unique option for group transportation rentals. Everybody’s been to a party but very few have been on a party bus. Make a memory they won’t soon forget.

3. Client Transportation
Who doesn’t secretly enjoy being courted? Well, the business world isn’t any different. Businesses, when courting a prospective client or employee can sometimes put off a vibe of indifferent attitudes and a monopoly of power that may sway a candidate’s desire. To combat this, businesses can employ a car service for their companies corporate transportation whether it’s to and from the meeting or the airport; a candidate will feel a sense of ease about arriving at the right place and the right time. The most popular types of luxury vehicles used for businesses and corporate clients are sedans, so you don’t even need a stretch limousine to impress. Plus, any manager worth his salt knows that this is a business expense that will increase productivity.

4. Wine Tour
Now this one is an out-of-the-ordinary date idea but the plan is to take a limo service through the countryside visiting different wineries. Specialized tours typically last 6-8 hours and make 3-4 stops; if you’re taking wine tours in Paso Robles, they even have shuttle limo services from and back to the airport.

5. A Night on the Town
Have you ever been standing on the sidewalk when a limo, lit up like a portable party, drives by and you sit there envious? Well then, think of renting a limo yourself next time you hit the town. Hopping from location to location is no longer a concern, you don’t even have to wait for an Uber. Keeping the party alive even during transit is just the icing on the cake to make that night a little more memorable. Remember, stretch limos for under 10; party buses for anything bigger.

When is a time you got a limo for an event? List in the comment below.

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