Why Giving Your Toddler An Early Education Increases Their Chances Of Going To College

Why Giving Your Toddler An Early Education Increases Their Chances Of Going To College

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Children are constantly learning new things about their world. Everything is exciting! New words, new animals, new toys. Every day is a new adventure and an opportunity to grow and change. When you’re finding yourself wondering how you can provide your toddler with the best possible learning opportunities, ‘toddler education’ has likely cropped up in your search box with varied results. How do you choose between so many different schedules, teachers and learning initiatives? The list below can help you with some of the more basic questions so you and your child can be put on the fast track toward better learning.

Child Raising Changes: Then And Now

Things have changed over the past few decades. Commonalities that were taken for granted back then have gone through a significant overhaul. But how? Fewer than one-in-three children today have a full-time, stay-at-home parent alongside them. Compare this to 1975, just a generation prior, more than half of all children had a stay-at-home parent. What does this mean for new teaching methods in the present day? How do busy parents manage to give their toddlers the head-start they need?

Common Patterns And Common Goals

What are some of the more common patterns when it comes to raising children? Let’s take a look. Communities today see at least 11 million children actually taking care of themselves after the school day ends, with only 10 million children actively participating in after-school programs. However, parents of nearly 20 million more children have admitted they would sign up for after-school programs if they had the chance.

Benefits Of An Early Education

What stands out about a toddler education? It’s all about giving your child the best possible head-start for the future. The early years matter the most in life, with psychology finding out that 700 new neural connections are formed every single second in the first few years of a child’s growth. In fact, the birth-to-three period is the fastest rate of brain development across the entire human life span. Compare this to children who did not attend quality toddler education or a preschool when they were younger, with studies finding they are 40% more likely to be a teen parent and 60% more likely not to go to college.

Different Types Of Education And Play

Toddler education offers your child a well-rounded education while still providing them essential play and socialization. Reading aloud to children is proven to assist with vital brain development, yet merely 50% of both infants and toddlers are routinely read to by their parents. New advances in neural development have shown children’s brains will grow and develop 85% of their full capacity by the time they are five. All in all, young child care is the best possible resource you can give your child before they attend junior high, high school and beyond.

Why You Should Seek Out Toddler Education

There are many ways to provide your child with the best toddler education possible. Day care centers are safe and social environments that offer children a means of socializing and learning basic skills such as counting and reading, though some child care centers specialize with all-day programs. According to a survey provided by Care.com, babysitters back in 2014 commanded an average rate of around $14 per hour. Likewise, six out of 10 kindergarten programs in America are open for full-day enrollees. Overall, there are many options available for your child to get the education they deserve.

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