How to Host the Perfect Party — With Some Help From Your Party Rental Company

How to Host the Perfect Party — With Some Help From Your Party Rental Company

Backyard tent rentals

Planning the perfect party isn’t simple; you have to keep track of thousands of minute details from decor such as tent and chair rental to food, invitations and even activities. The most important parties are often pricey too, running into the tens of thousands to do it right.

Bat or bar mitzvahs, for example, now run upwards of $15,000, some even topping double that, while the average price for a sweet 16 party runs between a manageable $300 and a jaw-dropping $25,000. Weddings can be many times that. With such an investment at stake, it is vital that you get it done right. The right provider can make or break a party, regardless of the occasion.

An essential part of the party planning industry is the party equipment sector, which can offer tent and chair rentals for a variety of celebrations. A backyard sweet 16, for example, can come alive with the right choice of tent, chairs, table linen and other accessories. Wedding tent rentals can ensure that your venue can accommodate all your guests and prevent any debacles if the weather decides not to co-operate on your special day.

A sailcloth tent can bring a nautical theme to life with its white translucent material and natural wooden poles, set off with peaks and rounded ends to truly capture the essence of the sea. Coupled with the way the lightweight fabric mimics a real sail these are the ultimate elegant addition to any event, but are especially good to accentuate a wedding. Popular with event planners and brides alike, sailcloth tents are bringing the sea to weddings across the country.

Sailcloth tents can be paired with stunning light up LED furniture that further extend the ambiance and create just the right feel for anything from a summer barbeque to a formal wedding or graduation party. Light up furniture is a great way to add color to an event and use lighting to really bring your theme to life. It can also be used to section off parts of the tent by using different colors.

All of this can then be brought together with the right choice of rental linens such as chair sashes, table cloths and napkins that together add to the overall look and feel of your event. Renting your tent, chairs and table linens all from the same place makes sense, not only because doing so is likely to make financial sense but also because it means they can co-ordinate all of the components to ensure an overall look that meets your vision. From tent and chair rentals, to table renting and linen choices, most professional party equipment vendors offer a range of items to suit every need.

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