Are You Getting Ready to Find Your First Apartment?

Are You Getting Ready to Find Your First Apartment?

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The end of the summer took an unexpected turn when you found out that your daughter who was going to be a sophomore in college was pregnant. Although you had planned on moving her into the same dorm where she lived her first year in school, the news of her pregnancy changed her plans. Instead of living in a campus dormitory, she and her boyfriend decided that it would be a better idea to find a furnished apartment near campus. Still able to use the scholarships that they both had, they would continue taking classes, but would be living on campus to prepare for the baby. IF everything went as planned, they would both be able to finish first and second semester and be a little more settled when the baby was due in early May.
Fortunately, the furnished apartments around campus were not a lot more than the cost of dorm rooms on campus, and while you were not thrilled about the timing, it appeared that the two new parents would be able to finish their degrees if they gave themselves an extra semester or two. Caring for a new baby would take a lot of energy, but the nearby furnished apartment meant that the new parents would be able to schedule their classes opposite each other and take turns staying with the new baby.
Life does not always go as planned, but when things change it is important to look at all of the available options and take the appropriate steps to find a new plan. From furnished apartments to rearranged schedules, finding an affordable and workable living arrangement is often the first step toward adjusting to any new challenges.
Are You in the Process of Looking for an Apartment Living Situation That Is Close to Campus or Work?
Whether you are looking for a pet friendly apartment or you are looking to rent a space that will give you enough room to start a new family, it is important to have a list of priorities that you are looking for when you get ready to look. Consider some of these initial priorities you might consider:

  • Do you know what your monthly budget is?
  • How much of a security deposit can you afford?
  • Do you need covered parking?
  • Are you willing to use shared laundry space, or do you want an unit that has hook ups for your own washer and dryer?
  • Are you comfortable having a ground floor unit, or do you want an apartment on a higher level that will feel more secure?
  • Are you willing to pay extra for amenities like an outdoor swimming pool and an on site work out room?

Different Stages in Life Require Different Living Options
Did you know that average Americans move nearly 12 times in their lifetime? And while many of us hope to own our own house some day, the reality is that renting an apartment is a lot easier to afford than a down payment on a home when you are making a new transition in life. From being new parents to starting your first job, an apartment rental is often the most economical decision. Especially if you anticipate that you might relocate in the next five years, an apartment rental is a better decision than risking getting your money back on a home purchase.
The fact that 33% of renters move each year is an indicator that apartment living allows renters to easily move to accommodate a new job location or other life changes that they experience. New college graduates, or those who are just finishing school for that matter, are often the people who most think of renting apartments. The reality is, however, that some luxury apartment rentals are a real temptation for retired couples or successful career workers who want to avoid the work involved with owning a home.
Knowing that you can have someone else take care of the yard and the pool is a real draw for workers who want to live downtown and avoid lengthy commutes. Given that 81% of landlord respondents list their rentals as corporate housing units meant that this is an all-time high for use of this terminology. The second most popular term used by landlords to describe their properties is furnished rentals. Are you ready to move?

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