Facts On Luxury Real Estate

Facts On Luxury Real Estate

Buying a new home

The real estate industry is one of the strongest industries in the United States. The people who work in this industry are the types of people who live for real estate and are experts in the field. They live, breathe, and eat all of the information available to them in the real estate industry because it is a complex field and is not easy to navigate.

If you are either buying a new home or putting up homes for sale, you should want to work with a high profile real estate lawyer and real estate agent to help you get the best help possible. Sometimes the process of selling a house can be difficult and can be lengthy. Often times, it will take nearly half a year for you to put up your houses for sale, and then get to the actual step of selling the house and signing the papers.

If you are getting involved in luxury real estate, then you should work with the high profile agents. Here are some great facts for you to know about new houses, new homes, luxury houses, luxury homes, and the luxury real estate field.

Zillow is a software service built that deals directly with real estate and helps people find and sell homes. According to this software, 48% of all buyers are looking for homes that have never been lived in. This is tricky because many homes are used or have at least been occupied by a rent. As a result, understand it is incredibly popular for people to want to build a house when getting involved in the luxury real estate industry.

Almost 50% of all home buyers displayed a strong sense of interest in brand new homes that are believed to be energy-efficient. As a matter of fact, many people believe that the most desired feature in a brand new home is that it is considered to be energy-efficient. Out of all the prospective buyers trying to buy homes in 2017, over half were considered to be first-time buyers.

In the year of 2016, out of all the people who bought homes just about 33% were considered to be first-time buyers. Out of all current home buyers, nearly 33% are considered millennials that are older placing them in the age group of 25 to 34. For many current home buyers, their top three goals when looking for a home are family needs, asset accumulation, and privacy.

Buyers will, on average, spend just about 4 months shopping for a new home before they are able to make a purchase.For many millennials, the top three reasons that they want to buy a home include them getting married or moving in with a partner, planning on increasing the size of their family or becoming tired of their current living space.

Realtor.com has a report called the Active Home Shopper Report. This report surveys active shoppers to determine what type of house they are looking for. It revealed that 24% of all current home buyers prefer townhouses, 56% want single-family homes, and only 8% are looking for condominiums. Another survey was conducted by Urban Land Institute and this revealed that more than 50% of all people involved in the survey said that walkability is a high priority for them when deciding where they want to live.

In Conclusion

There is no question that traversing the luxury real estate industry is not easy and you can get lost without knowing what you are looking for. All throughout this article, I have listed the many different things that people have looked for when trying to find their ideal home. This is why it is important for you to understand not only what other people want, but most importantly you should understand what you need or what you want for your future home. Once you determine this, there is no question you will be able to find the best home for you.

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