4 Tips Every Above Ground Pool Owner Should Know

4 Tips Every Above Ground Pool Owner Should Know

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Statistics show that nearly 41.7% of pools throughout the United States are above ground pools. Many homeowners prefer above ground pools for their relatively low cost. It’s important that you keep an above ground pool properly maintained. Knowing a few simple tips will help to ensure your pool remains a great swimming spot throughout the warmer months of the year. Here are four important tips for new above ground pool owners.

  1. Place Pool on Level Ground

    It’s imperative that a pool is placed on a perfectly flat surface. If you’re unable to find a smooth surface, it’s wise to flatten the land before setting up a pool. No one wants to spend all day filling up a pool to find out that it isn’t on even land. An uneven pool can cause water leakage and the potential to flip over. No pool owner wants to deal with a dangerous situation of a pool flipping, especially while it is in use.
  2. Check pH Levels Regularly

    The average home swimming pool needs to have a pH that is between 7.4 to 7.6. There are many products available that allow someone to test the pH of water. Many people prefer the fast results that pH test strips provide. You’ll want to have pH solution on hand to either raise or lower the pH of your water. If you’re having difficulties managing pH levels, you may want to contact pool cleaning services.
  3. Skim Surface Water

    A skimmer is a device that allows debris floating on the top of a pool to be thrown out. Common sources of pool debris include bugs, leaves, and sticks. Statistics show that the average person swims six times per year. The last thing someone wants while swimming is to find bugs and leaves on the water’s surface. Many skimmers are long devices that allow pool cleaning without having to get into the water.
  4. Inspect Condition of Pool

    Many aspects of pool maintenance focus on the condition of the water. However, it’s imperative that you’re regularly checking the condition of what houses your pool water. If you’ve noticed lower water levels, your pool may have a hole that has formed a leak. A pool company will help to ensure you receive the proper kit to patch up your pool. It’s important to remember that one untreated leak often leads to larger issues.

In closing, there are several important maintenance tips for above ground pools. It’s important that above ground pools are placed on level ground. A pool that isn’t on level land is at risk of flipping over, especially while it’s being used. You’ll want to regularly check the pH levels of your pool, ensuring the pH falls between 7.4-7.6. You’ll want to purchase a skimmer in order to clean the surface of your pool. Regularly inspect the pool itself to check for tears, leaks, or other signs of wear. Above ground pools continue to provide hours of enjoyment for friends and families.

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