How to Have the Flowers of your Dreams at a Budget you Enjoy

How to Have the Flowers of your Dreams at a Budget you Enjoy

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Planning a wedding involves making a lot of decisions. Not only do you have to choose the wedding date, venue, and menu, but you also have to make many smaller decisions. One of these decisions involves the flower selection. Flowers have traditionally been an important part of wedding ceremonies and many couples today still spend a good amount of time choosing the perfect flowers for their wedding day. These tips will help you choose the floral arrangements that meet your budget and overall design plan.

Create a budget
You should already have a budget created for the entire wedding. You should have a maximum amount that you are able and willing to spend on the wedding. From here, you will divide the budget into categories. The venue and menu are likely going to take up the biggest portions of the budget. Then, you will need to decide which smaller decisions are most important. How much money do you want to allocate to the florist budget? You and your spouse to be should come up with an amount. This will help you decide on how many flowers and what types of flowers you can purchase.

Consider the season you are getting married
One of the easiest ways to ruin your budget is to go with a flower that is not easily available during your wedding season. It can also be difficult to get access to flowers that are not native to your destination. Consider both the season of your wedding date and what types of flowers will be growing during this time. For example, tulips lifespan is very short, being only 3 to 7 days. Tulips might cost you more and you will have a shorter delivery window. Work with your local florist on choosing the most affordable flower arrangements.

Use fillers to afford a more expensive flower type
You can still have that extravagant or expensive flower that you have always dreamed about. Fit it into your budget by ordering less of them. If you desire a bright red rose bouquet, for example, sub out every other flower with a cheaper option. Another choice is to use the red roses for the bridal bouquet and opt for a cheaper red flower for the bridesmaid?s bouquets. You can work with your local florist on creating specific arrangements that allow you to stick within your budget.

Decide on a theme or color pattern before flower shopping
Flowers should also be used as a source of decoration. They will be in your photographs, wedding videos, and they will act as your centerpieces. Before stepping foot into your local florist, decide on a theme or color pattern. This color pattern will usually be the color of bridesmaid?s dresses you are choosing, the color of the groomsmen?s vests, and even the colors of the tablecloths. Flowers typically make up 7 to 8% of a normal wedding budget. However, you can cut costs by using bouquets also as a source of decoration.

Silk flowers can be very cost effective
Most people cannot tell the difference between a real flower and a silk flower, at least not from afar. Silk flowers can be designed into centerpieces and even wedding bouquets. In addition to their cost effectiveness, they also last much longer. You can schedule your flower delivery from the local florist much sooner. This way, you can make sure the order is everything you planned.

The annual spending on floral products in the U.S. alone is $26,600,000, with a large percentage of the budget being for wedding flowers. You can manipulate your wedding floral budget by choosing flowers that are native, in season, and easy to deliver. Choosing the best selling flowers can be expensive, but you can still have beautiful arrangements with alternative options. Your wedding florist will be an important part of making recommendations and sticking within your floral budget.

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