Looking to Rent Wedding Linen? Learn More About the Different Fabrics

Looking to Rent Wedding Linen? Learn More About the Different Fabrics

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Planning a wedding is a big deal. There must be a million details to handle and things to worry about. When couples start the planning, they think about the venue, the guest list and the catering but those are only three of the hundreds of decisions to work through. While they may not rank up there with the decisions such as what kind of food you serve, there are some things about fabric to learn when you rent wedding linen.

  • Cotton: This is a popular fabric for a number of uses. It is where a lot of couples start looking when they want to rent wedding linen. It works well for outdoor events, more informal gatherings, is very soft and is natural. You can get it in just about any color and if you want a heavier material or one that has been embossed, you can get that with cotton.
  • Linen: You cannot rent wedding linen and not look at the linen fabric. It creates a look that is classy in an effortless way. Many people who are planning more rustic weddings go with linen. It gives a more format look than cotton.
  • Satin: This is a more glossy and smooth fabric that is often made from silk. It is often considered to be an upgrade from cotton. People like it because it looks polished. It is also considered to be simple yet very elegant.
  • Brocade: This is also made from silk threads but with this kind of fabric, the threads are woven to create a more embossed look. When you are looking to rent wedding linen, you will notice that this has a more traditional look than the satin. It is also a bit heavier than some of the other linen rentals you will see as you pick one to go with.
  • Damask: This is a lot like the brocade linen. It is also a bit heavier and is great for more formal events (i.e. this may not be the best choice for a backyard party).
  • Organza: This is a great fabric and can be used for most of your needs. It is a pretty, sheer material and works well to compliment your cake on that table or used throughout the wedding on table rentals and it looks great along with tent accessories. It can be manufactured from either silk or cotton and you have options that are simple or more ornate. The versatility is one thing that attracts many people to this fabric.
  • Velvet: This will give your wedding a more distinctive and elegant look. The fabric itself is made from a more closely woven material. This is also a heavier material. The colors are very vibrant.
  • Taffeta: This is made from rayon or silk. It has a crisp and smooth look. It has a more iridescent look and is very sleek. If you are looking for a clean or modern look for your wedding, this may be the fabric for you.
  • Shiny sequins: If you are looking for a little more bling in your wedding, you may want to get a fabric that has been embroidered with sequins. They come in a very wide variety of colors and shapes. They also come in a wide array of sizes. If shiny things make you happy, you should consider these.
  • Raw silk. The main reason this fabric is used if when very formal events are being held. This is a more textured kind of material that is made from silk. It moves better than taffeta and has more shine.
  • Polyester: This comes in wide number of colors, is very versatile and can look great at a number of kinds of weddings. There are many kinds of polyester that are available.
  • Lace: Many couples start looking at wedding linens by checking out lace because it has a very romantic look and feel. It is delicate and open. Lace is made when threads are knitted, twisted or looped together in a pretty pattern.

While most wedding planning does not start with the selection of the right wedding linen, it will have a big impact on the look and feel of your wedding. The good news is that the right linen will help create the look you want.

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