Four Organic Products you Should Introduce to your Daily Life

Four Organic Products you Should Introduce to your Daily Life

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Are you the type of person that is sensitive to strong smells and harsh cleaning products? Some people get allergies and have breathing difficulties when exposed to products that are not made with organic materials. Fortunately, with a greater awareness on these harsher chemicals, more and more retailers are providing their customers with more organic options. If you suffer from sensitivities, these are some organic products that you should consider.

Organic bedding
Your bed is probably the one place that you spend the most time in. If your bedding is rough or is washed with heavy chemical ingredients, it could affect your sleep. People already have a hard enough time getting sufficient sleep. In the United States, 42% of adults usually get less than seven hours of sleep, falling short of the recommended amount. It is possible that your bedding is preventing you from getting a good night of sleep, even if you don?t realize it. Make sure you are dressing your bed in organic bed sheets.

Additionally, poor bedding can also affect children and especially newborn babies sleep quality. An organic baby bedding set can help your baby sleep, while also breathe clearer. Make sure you use organic bed sheets that are fitted for the crib and do not introduce any blankets until they are old enough to sleep with them. Newborns sleep a total of 10.5 to 18 hours a day, making their organic bed sheets even more important. Cotton baby beddings are also important for added comfort.

Organic bathroom towels
Towels are another item that you frequently use. Many people do not think about the quality of their towels because they only use them for a couple of minutes per day. However, organic cotton towels might be more important than you think. When you first get out of the shower, your pores are open and harsh chemicals can get into them, causing allergic reactions. Make sure you are using a high quality bath towel that is also hypoallergenic. If you have a towel that is organic, you can use it multiple times before it needs to be washed, meaning you don?t have to buy as many.

Organic bathrobe
You took special care to only use organic shower items and now you are also using an organic towel to dry off. You don?t want to introduce harsh chemicals to your body now. Instead, purchase a good organic cotton bathrobe. Not only will your skin be exposed to healthier of materials, but you will also feel more comfortable. Your bathrobe should be comfortable and relaxing and organic bathrobes meet that goal. It can also be useful to take your showers in the evening, so you can jump into your bed with the organic bed sheets.

Organic facial products
The skin on the face is the most sensitive. This also means that it is the most prone to sensitivities. Even if you decide not to change out your shampoos, conditioners, or body soaps, opt for an organic facial product. The natural ingredients will improve the quality of your facial skin, while also giving you health benefits. The purpose of washing your face is to wash away the day?s contaminants. Don?t put them right back on your face with a harsh chemical face wash.

An international study by Unilever revealed that one third of consumers are now buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact. Environmental awareness, along with all natural ingredients is more important to consumers than ever before. Make sure you know which organic products are the most important in your household.

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