Thinking About Buying A Home? Here’s Some Facts to Consider

Thinking About Buying A Home? Here’s Some Facts to Consider

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If you?re thinking about buying a new home, you?re not alone. New homes go up for sale every hour in the United States, and with so much going on, it can seem very complex and daunting. How can home buyers navigate the house market? Is it necessary to analyze housing market trends to make a wise decision? Read on for some facts that might make finding a home just a bit easier to contemplate.

Real Estate Agents Can Be Great

Hopefully you?ve already thought about these, but realtors can be a huge help. A survey of recent home buyers revealed that 78% of them found their agent to be very useful in providing them with information.

An agent knows all the property listings in a given area, and since 52% of home buyers say that the hardest part of buying is finding just the right property, having someone who can quickly assess whether a property matches your needs and desires is a huge help.

Look Online

As of 2017, most home buyers are now younger than 35, and people in that age category tend to use the internet for nearly everything. Since 44% of home buyers already use the internet to look for a real estate, this trend will likely only increase over time.

The good news is that home sellers and realtors know this. This means that home sellers and agents are increasingly putting their properties up online; which means you should be able to get an idea of what?s available by using the web.

What To Look For

Obviously this will depend on what you need. Single-family homes are 83% of purchases, according to Zillow, and townhouses are another 20%. But whatever your family size and growth plans, there are a couple other things to bear in mind.

A lot of people, 34%, buy new homes specifically because they want no problems with plumbing or electricity. Those sorts of problems are more of an issue with older homes; however old homes can also have better quality of general construction. It?s worth asking a realtor about all this and carefully thinking about what you most value.

Also, of course, if you are buying a used place, you?ll want to take time to look carefully for any issues. Open everything, turn everything on, and check for pests and mold. If it?s summer, make sure you have some assurance the heating works. If it?s winter, do the same with the air conditioning.

Allow Enough Time; And Insist on Enough Time

Just accept now that if you want a great place that is just what you and your family need, you?re going to need some time to find the right property, make the decision, and go through all the negotiations and paperwork.

But insist on getting time from other people, too. Don?t let anyone pressure you into buying a property. If someone is urging to snap up something you?re not completely sure about before someone else buys it, they?re not on your side. You have plenty of time.

Buying a new property can be a scary prospect. Get expert help, take the time you need, and make sure you get just the property you want and need.

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