5 Reasons Your Clothes Should Be Organic

5 Reasons Your Clothes Should Be Organic

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It is impossible to do any shopping at all these days without running into organic products. It may have started with organic foods but it did not stop there. In 2016, it was reported that the sales of organic goods that were not edible went up by more than 8.8%. All sorts of organic items from organic clothing, organic pajamas and organic towels are more popular than ever. So, should you believe all the hype? The thing is, this is really not about hype. There are some very good reasons to buy organic clothing and linens.

  1. They are much better for the environment. Organic food is better for the planet and the same can be said of organic clothing. Organic cotton is much, much better than traditional cotton. People think that when they buy regular cotton, they are getting a fabric with a small carbon footprint, it is biodegradable, after all. What most most consumers do not know is that to manufacture enough cotton to make one t-shirt, at least a third of a pound of chemicals has to be used. When you buy products made with organically grown cotton, you reduce the amount of chemicals that will find their way into the world.
  2. When you buy organic cotton you are supporting free trade. Most growers who produce this kind of material have certifications from the apparel program from Fair Trade USA. That means when you buy these items, you are supporting decent wages, better living conditions and community development. People who work harvesting the organic cotton are not exposed to dangerous chemicals and have a better quality of life.
  3. It is healthier to wear. Whether you have organic shirts or organic pajamas, these cotton products that are made without the use of nasty chemicals are better for your health than those that are made using harsh chemicals. If you are looking into organic products and care about the foods you put in your body, you should also care about the products you put on your body and this includes the materials that are close to your skin. It only makes sense that you will be healthier if you limit your exposure to harsh chemicals such as those used in making cotton fabrics.
  4. They will save you money. Organic materials are more durable. Organic cotton is harvested by hand vs machine. Because, the material is not exposed to harsh pesticides and bleaches, it will last longer. Another material that is organic and durable is hemp. It is strong and will last a long, long time. People who use organic pajamas, shirts, towels and the rest say that these items tend to last a long, long time. Because they last longer than clothing and items made from traditional materials, you do not have to replace them as often. That will save you money.
  5. Organic cotton is more comfortable. Organic pajamas are able to hold their shape in ways that traditional cotton cannot. That makes them healthy for another reason. It has been estimated that only 42% of all adults in the United States get the amount of sleep that is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. They say people should get somewhere between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. People who are more comfortable, as you will be in organic pajamas, will get better sleep and be healthier overall.

Consumers today are looking for more than a good price for the items they buy. Unilever conducted an international study on consumer buying trends. They found that at least 30% of all consumers around the world make their choices of what brands they will and will not buy based on those companies’ impacts on the environment. When polled, at least 38% of millennials say that they “respond positively” to products that are better for the environment.

For a long time, buying items such as organic foods and organic pajamas were seen as something people on the fringe of society did. It was a trend among liberals and hippies. That is no longer the case. As people are becoming more and more aware of the impact they can have on the world around them when they are more careful with the items they buy, more people buy organic products.

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