Moving to Florida? Here are 3 Types of Parkland Community Homes for Sale

Moving to Florida? Here are 3 Types of Parkland Community Homes for Sale

Thinking about the move to Florida? Parkland offers a wide array of homes for sale to fit any family’s style. Before you pack your bags, be sure to talk to a real estate agent that will be sure to help you with the process of buying a house. Here are three types of home communities you can move to in Parkland FL.

1. Deed Restricted Communities

Deed restricted communities are managed by a homeowners association. By living in one of these communities, you agree to pay HOA fees that ensure the quality and beauty of the area in which you’re living. It might also include some benefits, like bundles for trash, water, and cable. This may take the form of a gated community or just an area where the homes are protected by the association. Unfortunately, this also means that you have to follow the guidelines set in place by the association — you can’t paint your house a crazy color or do anything that might pull down the home value of your neighbors. There’s an aesthetic factor to each deed restricted community and it’s worth exploring your options or finding a realtor that can steer you in the right direction.

2. Condos

You always hear about condominiums, but what exactly are they? Condos are a type of housing complex — you share a wall with a neighbor, but you own the residence. However, the common areas and amenities are often shared by other members of the condo community, including things like pools, hot tubs, and playgrounds. This type of property is not necessarily associated with an HOA, but fees for maintenance are required. Unlike deed restricted communities, you can do whatever you want to your condo. It’s like an apartment or a townhouse that you own. Try going to a realtor in Parkland that knows the area before you go buying a house that might not include all the benefits you and your family need.

3. Senior Living Communities

Florida is great to raise a family or settle down for retirement. In fact, Florida hosts the highest number of senior citizens in the country at 17%. For older homebuyers looking to relocate to the sunshine state, consider a senior living community when you’re buying a house in Florida. Senior communities often have an age limit of 55 and older so you’re in a community surrounded by your peers. These communities often come with amenities like clubhouses and golf courses so senior members are able to stay active and interact with other members of the community. Active communities are for independent individuals while some locations may offer assisted living accommodations. Talk to your realtor in Parkland to see which options would benefit you.

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