I’m Thinking Of Moving Should I Hire Professional Movers?

I’m Thinking Of Moving Should I Hire Professional Movers?

It’s time to move again. You’re not thrilled about it, but the sooner you get it over with, the better.

Hiring a moving company will go a long way in making this the smoothest move yet. The United States is seeing a significant uptick in new people packing their bags and heading for greener pastures, spurred by everything from new opportunities for remote working opportunities to starting a family. No matter the reason, professional movers can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. This is due in no small part to their diligence to making sure all your belongings, no matter how small, arrive at your destination safe and sound. Not sure what to choose when hiring a moving company?

Learn more about professional movers and how they could be the key ingredient to your next successful moving venture.

There Are Plenty Of Professional Movers

Just how many do you have to choose from when investing in professional movers? More than you may think. Over 185,000 jobs have been created directly relative to the moving industry, ranging from drivers to small teams. The moving industry rakes in an impressive $12 billion every year, which is before we even get into the yearly payroll of $4 billion for over 120,000 employees. Movers, in a short, are professionals with years of experience to contribute to your new change in life.

More Americans Are Moving Every Year

You might already know of a family member or a friend that’s packed their bags and set up roots in another city. Americans today are moving more than ever before, with multiple cities even having to overhaul their prices to keep up with the change. New York, Illinois and New Jersey all have the highest percentage of people moving in from other states. How many, you ask? Nearly 65% of all movers in the past few years. Whether you could use local movers in Portland or are still unsure of where you want to go, professional movers can help keep things simple.

Some Cities Are Drawing Major Crowds

What other cities are drawing in a significant amount of people? Seattle is seeing quite a few more people lately due to its relatively lower prices, higher minimum wage and thriving downtown art culture. San Francisco is a popular city, but notoriously expensive, with the most pricey places to rent storage being a whopping $160 per month. South Dakota is on the opposite end of the spectrum, too, with the highest percentage of people moving out of the state at nearly 70% of total movers.

Moving Is An Exhausting One-Person Job

If you’re wondering whether or not to save on money and just do it yourself…keep in mind that moving is a very tiring job for one person or a group of friends. An interstate move costs around $4,000, while an intrastate move costs a little over $2,000. When you have huge furniture to move, small furniture to wrap and a thousand items to organize and stock, doing it all efficiently can lead to lost items and plenty of stress. When you invest in certified movers you take some pressure off your shoulders while ensuring your belongings are kept safe no matter where you go.

How To Choose The Right Moving Service

Packing your bags and heading out into the world can be nervewracking. You have new friends to make, a new community to get used to, a new bus system to get acquainted with…professional movers, at the very least, can make sure everything gets there in one piece. The economic impact of the moving industry back in 2016 reached an impressive $85 billion, with this figure expected to remain constant as over 35 million Americans move year after year. Choosing a good moving company means one that fits your budget, is transparent about their methods and provides a feasible way to cover any missing items.

Ready to go? There’s a new life waiting for you just around the corner.

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