Adirondack Style Chairs Add a Sense of Charm to Any Porch or Deck

Adirondack Style Chairs Add a Sense of Charm to Any Porch or Deck

Life at the cottage is blissful!

Whether you are enjoying a beautiful day of sun with lots of outdoor activities or staying inside for a day when it does nothing but rain, a family vacation at a cottage or cabin can be a blessing. From watching movies, eating snacks, playing games, and just hanging around inside to kayaking, swimming, and hiking when the weather cooperates, there is always plenty to do on a family vacation.

When the vacation in over, however, it is sometimes difficult to return to reality. For tis reason, a growing number of home owners are bringing a little bit of their cabin life home with them. From large purchases like rustic bedroom furniture sets to smaller buys like a single antler coffee table, there are many ways that home owners can bring a little of the cabin life back home with them.
Reclaimed Barnwood Pieces Continue to Grow in Popularity
From home to office, there are many ways that designers are incorporating aspen log furniture and barn furniture into their designs. From large rustic bedroom furniture sets in the home to lodge chandeliers into the office, a decorator can make you bring a little bit of the comfort and relaxation of a vacation cabin to any space.

Perhaps in an effort to make their homes seem a little more relaxing, it does not appear that the economy has too much of an effect on the furniture sales industry. in fact, the furniture industry’s growth consistently performs twice as well as the overall economy, growing at a rate of 6% to 7% each year. Not surprising, though, it is not only American companies that have been profiting from the consumers desire to make their homes comfortable. For instance, some of the latest marketing research indicates that savings from offshoring furniture manufacturing has been overestimated to be as high as 30%.

Long weekends, or even full weeks, at the lake are great, but at some time most of us need to come home. When that vacation has to come to an end and you are spending your time in the office or at home, however, it is very nice to have some furniture pieces and decorations that remind you of the blissfulness of the cottage.

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