Two Ways that your Homes Siding and Windows Decrease its Value

Two Ways that your Homes Siding and Windows Decrease its Value

If the time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining, the same can be said for your home’s siding and windows. If you’re currently renovating or simply interested in maintaining the appearance and value of your home, here are a few things to consider before you invest in replacement windows and siding.

Worn siding can decrease your home’s value by up to 10%

While you may be tempted to replace your siding with traditional hardwood, it’s important to consider multiple alternatives. Hardwood siding tends to be expensive and takes longer to install, so most homeowners are better suited by selecting vinyl or composite siding.

In this instance, homeowners are recommended to consult with a commercial contractor about which model is a better fit for their lifestyle. Vinyl siding doesn’t require paint and can last nearly a half-century if properly maintained, making it the ideal choice for owners who would prefer to install the siding and forget about it. Composite siding, by contrast, is made from a combination of cement and wood pulp and is more popular in new construction. While composite siding requires more maintenance (the paint on the house siding tends to only last 15-20 years) it can be designed to mimic other materials, such as wood or stone, making it the ideal choice for homeowners who would like more say in the siding design.

Single-pane glass windows, popular in homes that are about 20 years or older, are extremely energy inefficient

Without the second layer of glass for insulation, the warm air you generate in the winter and the cool air you generate in the summer goes out the window. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider replacement windows for your home.

While some homeowners may balk at the initial investment for replacement windows, installing energy-efficient double pane replacement windows can lower energy costs by up to 15% and recoup about three quarters of their initial value should you choose to sell your home later. Double pane replacement windows can also insulate your house from outside noise, keeping your home a relaxing, quiet place to be.

As you look for ways to reduce energy costs and to increase the value of your home this summer, it’s important to reconsider how outdated construction methods may be costing you money in the long run. Investing in high-quality and energy efficient siding and windows can not only improve the appearance of your home, but make it a comfortable place to live for years to come.

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