3 Reasons Amish Furniture is Preferred by Consumers

3 Reasons Amish Furniture is Preferred by Consumers

Amish furniture such as Amish barns and Amish built sheds, are 100% hand crafted and from a variety of woods including wood, oak, maple, walnut or hickory. The detail that goes into this furniture could explain why it takes about eight weeks for this furniture to be created. Though this can be some time to wait, there are still benefits to choosing Amish furniture. Things such as a wooden rocker would last a few years, especially when exposed to the weather elements, but when you choose an Amish crafted wooden rocker, you can expect it to last many more years compared with the traditional wooden rocker, even if your Amish wooden rocker is outside and exposed to the elements. Aside form a wooden rocker, other wooden things that are Amish built hold benefits as well. Read below to see the benefits of buying Amish built furniture compared with traditional wooden furniture.


Since anything you buy that is built my Amish is hand crafted, you can expect each individual piece to be different and not the same. This means that your wooden furniture will be unique, and no one else will have anything like it. People enjoy this fact especially when choosing unique wooden furniture for the outdoors. Individuality stands out to people, and Amish furniture is uniquely individual making it a popular option.


Many time mass produced furniture contains toxins in the wood to attempt to extend the life of the wood and to treat the wood. Amish furniture does not contain these chemicals and toxins. People are becoming more and more concerned with the chemicals and toxins present in their lives, so eliminating as many of those as possible attracts many consumers to Amish built furniture.


Mass produced furniture typically not only contains chemicals and toxins but it has unique finishes intended to help it stay looking nice as long as possible. These finishes typically need to be waxed in order for the finish to continue looking nice. Amish furniture contains no finishes, therefore there is no need to wax when cleaning this furniture. Maintenance is much easier due to this.

Amish furniture obviously has many benefits that appeal to consumers. These benefits are just a couple reasons many choose Amish furniture over typical mass produced wooden furniture. Next time you find yourself considering new wooden furniture don’t knock the Amish and their uniquely designed wooden furniture.

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