FAQ About Controlled Access Storage

FAQ About Controlled Access Storage

Having access to controlled access storage units is crucial to keeping your stored items safe and secure. Whether you’re interested in storing season business items or just decluttering your home, you need self storage units where you you can assured that your goods are safe. With the high volume of traffic that the average self storage space sees in a day, the answer is having controlled access storage units.

Why Controlled Access Is Important

A storage facility presents unique challenges. Items and spaces need to be safe and secure; yet they also need to be accessible, especially to vendors who may need access to their goods at any moment. Hiring 24/7 personnel to monitor the facility can put storage costs out of reach for many consumers, so one way to keep things safe yet accessible is to use controlled access storage units.

How Do Controlled Access Storage Units Work?

Controlled access means that gates or doors can be designed to open on schedule or on-demand, by the right person. This type of gate access might include access codes that change regularly or time-stamped photos to show who is coming and going.

Controlled access might also include alerts whenever a unit opens, a web-log of activity, and the ability to send email and text alerts.

How Effective Is Controlled Access?

Controlled access is an effective deterrent to thieves. With multiple layers of control, it’s hard for a thief to anticipate all possible ways that a unit is protected and counteract them all. Studies show that thieves will generally look for softer target units when planning to steal.

How Large Is the Market for Self Storage?

There are already more than 50,000 storage facilities in America (five times the number of Starbucks coffee houses!) and a tenth of the population rents storage facilities offsite. Not only are such facilities popular with individuals and families cramped with space, but also with businesses that need to keep stock accessible but off-site.

What Can I Keep in Controlled Access Storage Units?

The average household in America is home to 300,000 different items. Nearly any of these can be stored away, and many people use storage facilities for storing a car or for RV storage. In fact, since over nine million American households have an RV, it’s hard to imagine where we would put them all without vehicle storage!

Surprisingly, even those with home storage are likely to use self-storage. Of those who use storage facilities, 65% have a garage, 33% have a basement, and 47% have an attic. Yet they still have use for a storage facility.

Storage facilities are useful to individuals, families, and businesses alike. Controlled access facilities are especially safe and secure. If you’re looking to store something away from your home or office, why not see what controlled access storage units are available in your area?

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