Launching a Kitchen Renovation Project

Launching a Kitchen Renovation Project

Remodeling the home can be an expensive but exciting project that can transform how a home looks and feels, and renovation can be done for the entire home, one room, or even just one set of furniture or features. A kitchen renovation project, for example, can make the kitchen somewhere fun and festive to prepare and serve food, as well as more convenient and practical for not only cooking, but for storing and using pots and pans, colanders, bowls, utensils, and more, so cooking can be easier for the chef. Any professional kitchen designer can be hired to help a homeowner how his or her kitchen should look after the work is done, and kitchen remodeling can be calculated for price, time frame, and materials used, as well as choosing wither to do it oneself (DIY) or hire contractors to get the job done, which may vary based on the homeowner’s skills and budget.

A Kitchen Renovation Project For Anyone

Many American homeowners choose to undergo a kitchen renovation project, and custom kitchen renovations may vary in price and final appearance, based on the work being done. Houzz release a report saying that one in three homeowners want to change to a healthier lifestyle after their kitchen is remodeled, possibly because a cleaner, more practical kitchen is an inviting place to cook healthier foods. What is more, most homeowners are in fact considering home improvement projects of all kinds, and this will sometimes include kitchen remodeling. A full 80% of homeowners report wanting to undergo such projects, according to HomeAdvisor, and the size of the industry matches. In the year 2015, an estimated $326.1 billion was spent on home improvement and repair in the United States, some of which must have been kitchen remodeling. And the remodeling industry is expected to keep growing, at a rate of 2% each year through 2025. How can a kitchen renovation project fit into all this?

Kitchen Design

One motivation for kitchen remodeling may be property damage such as a fire or storm damage, but often, a new homeowner will not like the current layout or decor of their new home’s kitchen, based on aesthetics, age of the materials, or the features available (or not). In this case, a homeowner will launch a kitchen renovation project, and nearly anything in the kitchen is fair game. An old stove may be replaced with a newer one that has better energy efficiency and more options, and a more attractive finish than the old one. The same can be said of the microwave of refrigerator, and even installing a garbage disposal system if there isn’t one already. The sink may be replaced with one in better condition or one with new features, especially if the old one was rusty or leaked a lot.

Cosmetics may also be updated in a kitchen renovation project. The tiles may be torn up and replaced with more attractive ones, the walls can be repainted, and the overhead lights may also be replaced. The countertop can be swapped out for a newer, more attractive surface, and drawers or cabinets can be touched up or even replaced for a better look. This can be expensive, so a cheaper option is to merely replace cabinet doors instead of the whole thing, or repainting them or replacing the knobs. A spice rack could be added if desired, along with overhead mobiles for hanging pots and pans for convenience. All of these changes and more can be done by hand in some cases, although heavier lifting and more technical work will require hiring contractors, so a homeowner can browse local contractors online or ask a hardware store’s staff about reputable contractors in the area. Professional remodel designers can also be consulted if a homeowner is not sure what his or her kitchen should look like after the renovation, or if the homeowner cannot figure out how to balance new features versus cost. The homeowner should also take into account how long the renovation will take, since the kitchen may be rendered unusable while the renovation is taking place. One way to circumvent this is to plan for a renovation to take place while the owner is on a business trip or a vacation, or is otherwise out of town.

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