Worried About Living In A New Place? Here Are A Few Practical Apartment Hunting Tips For 2019

Worried About Living In A New Place? Here Are A Few Practical Apartment Hunting Tips For 2019

Moving can be a real chore.

You have to find a location that suits your lifestyle and makes you want to get out of the house for more than just work. You need to balance a budget and figure out whether or not the complex you’re applying at accepts animals. With so much on your shoulders it can be easy to dread the process…if you’re not putting it off altogether! Instead of slowing yourself down, get rid of some of the road bumps on your journey by looking at the list below. You’ll find there are plenty of practical tips to take the sting out of searching.

Whether you’re interested in indoor amenities or just want to know your cat is good to go, continue reading to get caught up on your own life.

How Many People Move In America?

You’re not the only one struggling under the pre-move blues. Nearly 35% of renters will move every year, with over 40 million housing units occupied by renters in the country. Apartments for rent come in so many shapes and sizes it can be daunting just searching, much less sending in an application and taking a tour. The most common reasons for moving include moving because of a new job, moving because of school, or moving because of budget conflicts. Save yourself some time early by looking online instead of in-person.

What’s The Best Way To Search?

Do you live near a potential apartment complex? Fantastic! If you don’t it’s far better to save on a trip and browse around online. A recent study found a majority of 80% of all new home buyers, as well as quite a few renters, searching online for their newest place to stay. You can check out a drop list of amenities and pricing alongside a virtual tour, with a potential interview just a phonecall or an online application away.

Which Basics Should I Keep In Mind?

When browsing for an apartment you should have your money separated in chunks to save on nasty surprises. Landlords require a security deposit to protect against potential property damage requiring repairs. This is also to insure against delinquent rent, broken leases, and anything else that could require a sudden sum. Most states limit security deposits to one and a half times the monthly rent. If you’re worried about being set back, you might also consider applying for insurance.

Is It Worth Getting Renters Insurance?

Even if you’ve been lucky enough not to have your things stolen or your property defaced, renter’s insurance is well worth the peace-of-mind it provides. According to U.S. News, the median monthly cost of renters insurance today sits at an affordable $15. Each renters insurance plan will differ, but the basics of what it covers includes financial support for lost or damaged possessions from fire or theft. It can also cover liability, such as someone getting injured while near your apartment or in your backyard. Make sure to double-check the fine print!

What Are The Most Exceptional Amenities?

This is one area you’ll want to make sure you’re clear on, because it can be the dealbreaker. Your apartment isn’t just a place to rest your head, but a community that should support you throughout the week. Among the most beloved amenities today are the fitness center, community room, and BBQ pit, though many find themselves choosing the pool or playground as their go-to choices. A 2014 study found two-thirds of pet owners admitting they had some trouble finding a pet-friendly apartment. Remember…there’s no rush.

Even if there is? You have more than enough supplemental knowledge to make your next choice count.

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