Stocking Stuffers And Novelty Presents Are Out Why Beautiful Furniture Makes The Best Holiday Gift

Stocking Stuffers And Novelty Presents Are Out Why Beautiful Furniture Makes The Best Holiday Gift

The holidays are right around the corner. Thinking of sprucing up your home or the apartment of a friend?

Furniture is one of the most practical and lovely gifts you can buy. It’s not a stocking stuffer that’ll be forgotten the following week, nor is it a novelty addition to the shelf that’ll collect dust. Bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, or just a simple area rug will be used month after month to get better with age. Choosing the right furniture is all a matter of thinking about what’s missing in the home and what kind of style you’re trying to cultivate. Need a few places to start browsing?

There have been quite a few studies asking Americans for their thoughts on modern furniture. Let’s take a look and narrow down your search.

Vintage Furniture Remains A Beloved Classic

If you want to gift someone special in your life with some high-quality furniture, vintage is often the way to go. According to a recent survey vintage furniture is highly popular among American consumers, with 60% of respondents telling Furniture Today they like a classic look. Refurbished wood, ornate finishes, soft brown colors…these all contribute a feeling of nostalgia to all who enter a room, particularly when paired with antique accessories. For the friend in your life in desperate need of a new sofa, however…

A Good Sofa Should Be Cozy And Long-Lasting

Who wants to invest in furniture that erodes after just a few years? Not you, not your friend, and certainly not the majority of American adults today. The average sofa should have a lifespan of seven to 15 years, particularly if well taken care of, and this simple tidbit has been echoed in quite a few statistics. A 2015 Furniture Today survey saw 70% of consumers willing to spend more on furniture containing eco-friendly materials, with another significant chunk saying they would spend 20% more on sustainable, long-lasting furniture.

More People Than Ever Want More Beautiful Surroundings

The furniture market is doing very well lately. Both furniture and home furnishing stores have seen a collective $105 billion worth of sales over the past few years, representing nearly 14% of all retail e-commerce sales. People today want an environment that reflects their personality, soothing their nerves and helping them relax after a hard day. This doesn’t just apply to a redecorated living room or bedroom furniture, either. Outdoor space also need to be imbued with a certain amount of charm.

Outdoor Furniture Comes With Its Own Details

Not sure whether or not to choose bedroom furniture or high-end outdoor furniture? It’s best to keep in mind the unique upkeep that goes with making sure both last a long time. Casual Living reported that most consumers today expect a six-year lifespan when choosing outdoor furniture, somewhat lower than what’s expected of an indoor table and chair set. This is due to outdoor furniture being exposed to the elements and being more prone to warping, cracking, and becoming dirty.

Furniture Makes A Fantastic Gift For The Holidays

Put aside the fancy electronics and novelty gifts. Bedroom furniture and area rugs make some of the best gifts for the holidays. They spice up previously drab surroundings and give a friend or family member something positive to look back on throughout the year. They can also make a wonderful early gift to yourself to help usher in 2019 properly. A 2016 Home Decorating Survey found the living room to be the number one area of the house Americans like to redecorate, with sofas and area rugs high on the list of additions.

Furniture is beautiful, functional, and lasts a long time. Give someone a lovely gift this year that’ll really put a smile on their face.

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