Can Your Illness Be Treated Faster Than You Expect?

Can Your Illness Be Treated Faster Than You Expect?

Do you ever find yourself sick and wondering what the difference between emergency room and urgent care service would be if you were to set foot in either one of them? Do you dread the idea of both of them so completely and fully that you try to stay away at all possible costs. When you’re sick going to an emergency room for immediate care for any medical problems you might have might take a lot of effort on your own behalf, but it shouldn’t be that way. These urgent care clinics and locations are here to be of service to you and to help you get on your feet faster then if you choose to suffer through your symptoms alone without assistance.

What is the difference between emergency room and urgent care?

Emergency Room

The difference between the two is that with an emergency room setting you have sever problems that need to be consulted immediately. With everything from chest pain to difficulties breathing you warrant the need to be seen and helped immediately. If you have any problems that seem as though they could be something major or you have excessive bleeding that needs to be addressed right away than the emergency room could be the best place for you to go right to for service.

Urgent Care

Urgent care provides the same service as the emergency room only a clinic is for cases that warrant a little less severity than the emergency room. With anything from needing sprain care to stitches urgent care is there to assist you and get you good to go faster than it would be if you had to wait for a call from your doctor and any sort of assist in that way. Being able to be seen and get out within a matter of moment could make it so that you aren’t wasting too much of your day inside of hospital walls instead of getting better and resting up.

As it so happens, only 3% of patients who go to the walk in for service end up being sent to the emergency room for further care. With Urgent most people know their symptoms and are able to get in and be treated quickly without carrying on and taking up more time than necessary within the walls. On the other hand, 70% of the cases that are seen in the emergency room could actually be treated at an urgent care facility instead of in an ER which would reduce them both time and money.

If you or someone you know is ill and trying to figure out the difference between emergency room and urgent care visits, advise them to consider both and choose the best possible option to getting well and improving their health before thy spend time and money that they don’t necessarily have to spend on getting better.

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