Services Provided by Moving and Storage Companies From Residential to Business

Services Provided by Moving and Storage Companies From Residential to Business

Many people may never move away from their hometowns. Others, however, relocate several times throughout their lives. One of the major reasons for moving is often to attend college. Once students graduate from college, some may remain in the area while others will seek employment elsewhere or back in their home towns. Still other individuals continue moving from community-to-community in search of a place that feels like home to them.

Adult Moving Patterns

On average, Americans move roughly 12 times throughout their lives. Renters tend to move more often than homeowners, however. On an annual basis, 33% of renters will move to a new apartment, house, or community.

It’s interesting to note that 57% of adults haven’t ever lived outside their home state. One of the common reasons for this is due to having extended family members living within an hour’s drive or even closer. Another predominate reason for remaining in the same state is because they love or feel connected to the community within which they live. Some Americans have moved to four or more different states, which applies to 15% of the population.

Moving Patterns Related to Education Level

Recent data shows that 77% of college graduates have moved into a new community a minimum of one time. They are also more likely to have lived in multiple states. High school graduates, as well as individuals with less education, have also changed communities at least once. This applies to 56% of the individuals within this education bracket.

Moving to Search for a Place That Feels Like Home

Another reason why people may move on a regular basis is that they are looking for a place in a community that feels like home. A recent survey found that 23% of adults weren’t living in their “heart home.” When taking into consideration the individuals that lived in two or more communities, 38% also weren’t living in a place that felt like home.

Contact Moving and Storage Companies for More Information

If you’re planning to move in the near future, it’s important to contact moving and storage companies for more detailed information. Whether you need business and/or residential moving services, you want to plan as far ahead as possible One of the reasons for this is because some times are busier than others. The end of each month and weekends, for example, tend to be the times people move the most. The busiest months for moving are basically the summer months of May through September.

When you contact moving and storage companies, a representative will be able to provide you with more details on their available services. You may, for instance, need to have antique or quality furniture and other fragile items transported. Remember to make sure that the company you choose to move your belongings is both licensed and insured.

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