3 Tips on How to Move Like an Adult

3 Tips on How to Move Like an Adult

Young adults (23-35) are the most flexible group of people when it comes to relocating for a job. That means a LOT of moving and a lot of help with moving. In 2018, nearly 30 million Americans moved. That same number of people used a variety of moving methods from professional movers to a plain old station wagon. For most people, one call to that friend with the truck is all they need. But what happens when your friend is using their truck the day you need to move? What if pizza is no longer a great motivator to get your friends to leave their comfy couches to help you move? Here are some tips to help you through those roadblocks.

Don’t Procrastinate!

You aren’t the minimalist you think you are. Things have a way of settling in the longer you stay somewhere. By the time you decide to move, you may be supposed with how much stuff you actually do own. Pack as soon as you know you are moving. Don’t underestimate the number of boxes you’ll need. The more prep work you do to help with moving the easier it will be.

Get Rid of Stuff

Marie Kondo might be onto something. Getting rid of things can definitely help with moving. Fewer things mean fewer boxes to buy, less man-power needed, and fewer things to accidentally break. When you have more free space you can go try new things like clothing styles, books, or whatever else you’ve been meaning to try out. Platform shoes are back in style (for some reason) why not give those a go?

Hire Local Movers

You’re an adult and hopefully you’ve invested in furniture to take with you. Your friends probably don’t have the professional skill needed to move your leather couch without damaging it or the walls. Moving companies are a great investment. Professional movers have the equipment to move things without anyone or anything getting hurt. June is the most popular month to move, so help with moving will be in high demand. Get ahead by hiring movers in early spring or late summer. Moving is already stressful. Why not hire professional movers to make the move a smooth one?

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