Convenient Quality, Convenient Cost The Promise Urgent Care Centers Provide Millions Of Americans

Convenient Quality, Convenient Cost The Promise Urgent Care Centers Provide Millions Of Americans

Medical care shouldn’t leave you stressed and out-of-pocket.

Sadly, this seems to be an unavoidable detail for many. Americans today are working harder than ever, yet millions are still struggling with mounting medical debt. Some rely on state insurance that doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, while others find themselves switching plans every year to keep up. There will be times when you’re struggling with an injury that isn’t severe enough for the emergency room, but can’t be treated at home. Your local 24 hour urgent care location is a useful location that can help you with injuries, illnesses, and preventative care.

Staying healthy is a full-time job. Relieve some of the responsibility and read below to learn about the benefits of urgent care, from advanced diagnostic and laboratory services to preventative care.

The Urgent Care Market Is Flourishing

It’s not surprising to see why the urgent care market is doing so well lately. While it is considered highly fragmented, according to recent data by HealthCare Appraisers, it’s also seeing astronomical growth. More than one-quarter of American patients back in 2016 stated they visited an urgent care center within the past three years. The year prior to that saw urgent care centers reporting a yearly average of 12,000 patients. That’s as many as three patients every hour or 35 patients every day.

Any Illnesses Or Strange Symptoms Can Be Brought To A Nurse

You probably find yourself asking if your cough is ‘serious enough’ to be seen by a doctor or if you’re overreacting to a headache. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, look into an urgent care clinic that can provide you a definitive answer. Your local clinic is staffed with experienced doctors as well as advanced diagnostic and laboratory services. They can provide you with a consultation that will potentially result in a diagnosis, pain relief, or a referral to get you further care. This also goes for injuries.

Minor To Moderate Injuries Will Be Attended To Quickly

Whether you’ve cut yourself while chopping vegetables or fear you’ve twisted your ankle, the advanced diagnostic and laboratory services at an urgent care center can help. Not only will you provide yourself with high-quality care in a pinch, you’ll potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars. A recent study found as many as 65% of emergency room visits could have actually been treated at an urgent care center. Less than 5% of patients who visit their local 24 hour walk in clinic need to be redirected to the emergency department. Some urgent care settings also have an emergency room under the same roof.

Preventative Care Takes On Many Forms

It’s best not to wait until you’re feeling unwell before seeking help. There could be hidden symptoms you’ve been living with for months just waiting to become a series of sick days. Preventative care is yet another benefit you can receive when you visit an urgent care center. These include STD testing (even if you’re not sexually active), yearly vaccinations, even basic physicals that can give you a good overview of your health. Minor burns or back pain, urgent care centers are ready to help you whenever you need it.

Urgent Care Is Affordable, Convenient, And Accessible

Advanced diagnostic and laboratory services shouldn’t be walled off by price. You deserve to be treated as soon as possible, without a huge bill stressing you out further. Itchy eyes and breathing difficulties alike can be brought to the attention of a board certified doctor. Burns, STD testing, vaccinations, cuts, and pap smears all fall under the same umbrella of helping you live your life to the fullest. Urgent care locations come in several varieties, from pediatric after hours to emergency room multicare.

Is it an emergency? It doesn’t have to be. Enjoy the benefits of advanced diagnostic and laboratory services with a convenient quality and cost.

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