Medical Bills Are Higher Than Ever Save Money With The Affordable Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic

Medical Bills Are Higher Than Ever Save Money With The Affordable Urgent Care Walk-In Clinic

When’s the last time you received a medical bill? It’s probably not something you want to think about.

Medical debt is a major problem plaguing working Americans today. Not only can medical bills skyrocket thanks to ambulance fees and insufficient insurance, their mere existence is a major point of stress. This is where the walk-in urgent care clinic comes in. Designed as the middleground between your family doctor and emergency room, this clinic will give you a major breath of fresh air. From treating fractures to curing stubborn coughs, there are plenty of options available.

Even better? They come with an affordable cost. Let’s take a look at why the walk-in urgent care clinic is one of today’s most reliable medical options.

Urgent Care Centers Boast Short Wait Times

One of the best features of walk-in urgent care is the short wait times. This means less stress on your end and more efficient medical care overall. According to a 2016 Benchmarking Report by the Urgent Care Association Of America, over 90% of walk-in urgent care clinics have wait times of 30 minutes or less. Just 3% of patients who come to an urgent care center need to be diverted to emergency services, as well. This translates into a low bill that won’t put you out of house and home.

Medical Bills Are Much Lower Than Average

Most Americans today have had a bad encounter with a medical bill. Perhaps they visited the emergency room on a minor condition or found out their insurance doesn’t cover certain conditions. Urgent care clinics are designed to give you a convenient quality and cost in one handy location. According to a survey by Milliman, between 45% and 65% of all emergency room episodes could have been treated at a walk-in clinic. Imagine how much more you could save with just one switch.

Several Injuries Will Be Treated On-The-Spot

Have you suffered a cut or a burn? Take them to walk-in urgent care and be seen as quickly as possible. Four out of five urgent care centers today also provide fracture care, which is great news for those on a budget — recent statistics show nearly 25,000 Americans will sprain their ankle every single day. While it’s always good to have a home first aid kit on hand, there are times to exercise caution. If you can’t stop the bleeding or are feeling notable pain, take your injury to a 24 hour urgent care location.

Resolve Unusual Symptoms Efficiently And Quickly

Some symptoms aren’t as easy as a cut. Sometimes you have to figure out if those abdominal pain causes are from a bad meal or an issue more serious. According to the 2016 Benchmarking Report, the most common issues brought to urgent care clinics are stubborn coughs, acute bronchitis, and acute upper respiratory infection. Walk-in urgent care center’s advanced diagnostic and laboratory services will give you a bigger picture. Even better, you won’t have to wait very long to do so.

There Are Thousands Of Convenient Locations To Choose From

There are likely several walk-in urgent care clinics near your home. Look them up this week and learn their schedules so you can always have a quality medical resource. The urgent care center market is highly fragmented, according to HealthCare Appraisers, and sees operators owning fewer than three centers. Despite this, more Americans are turning to walk-in clinics. With the aid of urgent care, you can enjoy quality care and a low cost all in one go.

It’s time to stop fearing medical bills. Treat your minor to moderate injuries or illnesses at a walk-in clinic this year.

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