Marrying The Old And New Choosing The Best Wedding Planning Apps To Help With Your Wedding

Marrying The Old And New Choosing The Best Wedding Planning Apps To Help With Your Wedding

Your wedding needs to be special. Not just ‘white gown and a tall cake’ special, but ‘completely unique to you and yours’ special.

While the classic wedding has never lost its appeal, more new couples are starting to lean toward customizing everything about their special day. From wedding venues to catering services, it just makes sense to have the entire event pop! Getting yours to fall into place on time means using all the resources around you. Alongside hiring a caterer, consider looking into the best wedding planning apps. These are designed to keep your head above water, providing useful details on scheduling, local services, and more.

Let’s get creative. Here are some fun catering ideas and recent trends to help steer you closer to the best possible decision.

Did You Know?

What is everyone doing with their wedding, lately? According to recent studies, up to 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions — this makes rental linens extremely popular, both for pushing back rainy weather and keeping furniture covered. The average couple will invite 135 guests to their wedding, to boot, and June remains the most popular month. Every year sees an average of two and a half million weddings performed in the country. Whether or not you match up with any of these statistics isn’t the most important thing…you want this day to fulfill your dreams!

Try A Season Themed Menu To Create A Unique Atmosphere

There’s nothing quite like good food to tie a wedding together. It’s what everyone looks forward to, newlywed couples and guests alike! To give your wedding the feel of a truly exclusive event, go for a season-themed menu that compliments the world around you. A summer-themed wedding should lean toward zesty food and light beer — go ahead and ask your catering services in Miami to get inventive with the barbecue. If you’re thinking of getting married in the fall, however, consider more robust, spicy fare.

Look Into A Banquet Hall To Host The Entire Event

There’s no need to visit a dozen different places on your way to getting married. That’s a lot of walking and changing outfits in an already busy day! According to a recent study, around 40% of brides and grooms-to-be are looking for unusual venues that better reflect their personality. Consider looking into event venues that allow you the freedom to design, decorate, and furnish to your heart’s content. If that means covering the walls in 80’s jazzercise posters, so be it!

Use The Best Wedding Planning Apps To Keep Your Head On Straight

Technology really does have an answer for everything. Today’s best wedding planning apps are designed around your sanity, giving you the ability to plan and tweak on the fly. Nearly half of couples will research their reception venues online, with many turning to apps just as often as professional planners. Look for the best wedding planning apps that help with scheduling, pricing, local deals, current trends, and design ideas. They’ll even help you get your venue booked!

Get Your Venue Booked And Schedules Set As Early As Possible

It’s better to commit early than do everything at the last minute. Not only will you save yourself a heap of stress, you might not have access to your favorite places if you put things off. Most of today’s wedding planners recommend you book your wedding reception site as soon as possible once you’re engaged, which can be nine months to one year before the wedding. A recent survey found just 30% of their weddings being planned seven months in advance. The sooner you get a place, the sooner you can send out schedules.

Create a special day to your specifications. Find the best wedding planning apps to help you schedule and design to your heart’s content!

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