How Many Homes Have You Bought and Sold in Your Lifetime?

How Many Homes Have You Bought and Sold in Your Lifetime?

Your neighbors’ house is now on the market and you have told many of your friends that you can vouch that it is a great home, in a great, quiet neighborhood near the mountains with. It, obviously, has great neighbors. And the fact that it is a ranch is a rarity in Anchorage. Like many others across the country, from Wisconsin to Alaska to California, when a great home goes up for sale many neighbors are excellent in helping unofficially advertise the listing. Wanting to have great neighbors, many people will tell their closest family and friends that a house will be going on the market as soon as they know. Generating leads for a new listing in a great neighborhood is often pretty easy, but many of these sales still require the help of a realtor.

With thousands of homes for sale on any given day in a large city, it certainly should come as no surprise that real estate agents serve as a valuable resource. In fact, the complications of not having a realtor can often be overwhelming. Both buying and selling a house require inspections, mortgages, down payments, and various other kinds of paper work, all things that are easier to navigate with the help of an agent.

Searching for Homes for Sale in Some Markets Can be a Real Challenge

Whether you are looking at waterfront property in Wisconsin or you are looking at homes for sale near a major city, finding just the right place requires a good deal of time and patience. In some markets, searching for homes for sale can be very challenging. When, for instance, homes in a certain price range often disappear the same day they are listed, it is important to work with a realtor who will scour the area and communicate with contacts around the clock.

Not surprising, recent NerdWallet survey indicated that 75% of Americans agree buying a house is a priority. In a time when rents can be especially high in some parts of the country, home ownership makes the most sense. The latest research indicates that within the past five years, as many as 15% of Americans have bought a house. When this many people are in the market for a new house, it only makes sense that the best homes for sale will go quickly.

What Are Your Priorities for Buying a New Home?

When it comes time to start looking for a home to purchase, it is important to have a list of priorities. With so many, and in some cases so few, choices, knowing what you want can help focus your search. For some families, buying a home in the best school district is a priority. For others, finding a house near city transportation is important. No matter what you particular situation is, working with a realtor ahead of time can help you make the most of your time. The process of visiting homes takes a lot of time and energy, so it is important that you can get your wish list prioritized. By only looking at the houses that fit your profile you can save time and make good comparisons between properties.
First-time home buyers account for more than one in three of all home buyers. This means that these buyers may be especially vulnerable to all of the pitfalls that come with investing in a home. By working with a respected and experienced agent, however, even first time home buyers can carefully consider what will likely be the biggest investment that they ever make.

If you are in a situation where a home in your neighborhood is for sale it really is tempting to attempt to pick your next neighbor. Especially if you know that the home has been tastefully and skillfully updated you may be interested in helping one of your friends or family members get into this great property. It often requires the professionalism of a realtor, however, to make sure that all of the details are skillfully navigated. Trying to be the mediator between a current and future neighbor can turn into an awkward situation, but a real estate agent knows how to navigate these sales.

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