Moving Companies 101 What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Company

Moving Companies 101 What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Company

If you own a home or rent an apartment, it is inevitable that you will relocate your residence, or at the very least, get rid of some personal items. That said, the process can be tricky and time-consuming. Not only do you need to research the costs of professional moving companies, but you also should consider what specific moving services you need. For example, if you simply want to get rid of items, you may need a junk removal service (as opposed to a furniture moving company.) Thinking ahead and planning your move ahead of time will save you substantial money and time. To protect your bank account, keep reading below for key information regarding moving and junk removal services and work towards decluttering your life.

Less mess, less stress!

When it comes to moving, is important to consider how many items you need to move and/or throw away. Consider, that the average person in America has 300,000 possessions in their home. Considering this staggering number, if you were to pay professional moving companies for the removal of all those items, you would likely run quite a bill. Thus, in order to protect your finances, consider creating a log of items you intend to keep, trash and donate. Whether you are moving or just decluttering your space, deciding which items you want to keep versus give away may help you lower the moving bill.

Moving Is For Everyone (Really)

If you are gearing up for your first move, don’t stress! It is important to note, that nearly 35 million Americans move every year, so you are not alone. The idea of relocating from one home to another can be daunting. There are often time constraints (i.e. leases), unexpected expenses (i.e. buying new furniture) and stress associated with moving. That said, if you take the time to plan your move ahead of time you can drastically reduce these stressors.

Play ahead or Pay Up

As you get ready to move, it is important that you and your family plan ahead. For example, consider that June of every year is the busiest month for people moving. Most recently, June 2018 accounted for 13.11% of all moves. Knowing this information is critical, as you may want to avoid moving in June. The costs associated with moving companies and junk removal services will likely increase as there is greater demand for the services. Thus, be sure to plan ahead and consider all your options before you move.

All in all, moving services and companies can be a great way to remove your junk and efficiently relocate to a new residence. By taking the time to research professional moving companies and plan ahead, you can utilize the array of services offered in order to ensure you and your family have a smooth move. To expedite the process, be sure to keep the aforementioned tips in mind as they will help you find local movers that best meet your needs!

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