What Are Your New Year Goals?

What Are Your New Year Goals?

You wish that you did not know so much about the best movers in town, but you have made several transitions in the last decade. Fortunately, as you get ready to move from your current home into a smaller rental property you have spent some significant time purging, assuring yourself that you will not be moving any of the items that you will no longer be using. Your latest efforts have gone into your master bedroom, now that it has been more than a year since your youngest daughter left for college. The nearby movers have assured you that with the remaining items that you have in your house and because you are moving into an easy to access first floor apartment the entire process will take less than a day. You have decided to do much of the packing yourself as you have been going through things any way. You have visited several local moving companies and have found place where you can get affordable and appropriately sized boxes to make the move even easier to prepare for.

The best movers want to make sure that they provide their clients with the necessary materials and advice so that a move will go as planned. From helping you prepare months ahead of time by advising you of how to sort through your current home and declutter to providing the easiest to handle boxes and packing tape, the best movers often find themselves with customers who return time and time again.

Is This New Decade Providing the Motivation You Need to Eliminate the Clutter in Your home?
It should not take a list of preparatory steps from the best movers to let you know that if you have too much stuff you are only making your life more difficult. Unfortunately, in a time when consumerism is the rule of the day there are many of us who have too many items in our homes. We have clothes we no longer wear, kitchen items we o longer use, and even our garages are packed with things that we simply have no need for. The new year, especially when it is also the start of a new decade, however, can serve as the perfect motivator for decluttering our homes and making our lives more simple. In return, we will have more time in our day, more money in our pocketbook, and less items to deal with the next time we find ourselves ready to move.

Consider some of these facts and figures about moving, as well as some tips that you can use to make sure you GET ORGANIZED as you head into the new year:

  • Giving away the items that you no longer use can serve as a tax write off as well as simplifying your life and helping others.
  • Estimates show that nearly 39% of moves in the year 2018 were local.
  • The average American moves 11.7 times in a lifetime.

  • One of the best ways to eliminate the clutter in your closet is to get rid of the items that you have not worn in the last two years, as well as donating the items that are in good shape but that no longer bring you joy.
  • Roughly 35.5 million Americans move each year using everything from professional movers to old trucks and station wagons.
  • Giving to those who are less fortunate allows you to benefit others in your community while also simplifying your life.
  • As a general rule, you should add an extra 25% more moving materials than you think you will need.
  • Nearly 11% of the U.S. population moved in the year 2017. That means that more than one of every ten people made a living transition.
  • In response to how often people move, the U.S. moving industry employed about 122,000 people in 2018.
  • Zoo passes, photo albums, and children’s artwork typically fill the spaces in our closets and cupboards. Making a decision to clear out this clutter can make your life more simple, as well as make your next move much easier.
  • Even if you are not moving, decluttering can be a good decision.
  • Decluttering a home can be a time consuming task, but it does not make sense to move the things that you no longer use.

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